E is for Ernie

I swear growing up in the 70's had to be the greatest time on earth. And nothing brings back fond memories like the show Sesame Street.

I know as a child I had everything Ernie, his sweater, toys, and, of course, the rubber duckie.

He may not have been a hero in the sense that Super Grover was but for me going up he was my hero.

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  1. Ernie is one of my favorite Muppets - and I am known to whip out a chorus of "Rubber Duckie" at any moment of the d

  2. I had a Sesame Street picture book, but we didn't have SS on TV, so it took me a long time to find out it was actually a TV show... :D

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  3. I remember watching Bert and Ernie as a kid and thinking "Wow Bert is awfully grumpy" Watching the same show again as a parent I see something completely different. Bert is grumpy because Ernie is an annoying passive aggressive turd. Seriously, rewatch them as an adult.

  4. I was totally into Elmo. I think I may have even had that '80's Elmo hug plushie thing that talked to you.

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  5. Ernie is fantastic. I like how you're bringing in heroes that aren't always considered traditional heroes, but ones you had :)

  6. Awesome Theme for the A-Z Challenge. I look forward to seeing what the rest of your posts will be. Ernie was a big part of any child who grew up in the 70's or 80's.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies


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