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It's Creepmas Time!!

Making Creepmas... Making Creepmas... la la la... Ok, gang, I will be busy the next few days gearing up for Creepmas 2018!! If you would like to join in on the Blog Hop fun head over to and sign up. If not just remember to stop by the blogs of all the fine folks making Creepmas fun!

Christmas at 33 1/3 RPM

Jingle Bell Rocks!
2013 | PG | 1 Hr. 34 Min. | Documentary | Eye Steel Film

Director: Mitchell Kezin

Writer: Mitchell Kezin

Stars:  Bill Adler Clarence Carter Andy Cirzan
Synopsis: An exclusive backstage pass into a fascinating underground world of alternative Christmas music. Starring an eclectic cast of characters - The Flaming Lips, Run DMC, John Waters - plus two dozen amazing & original songs, JINGLE BELL ROCKS! is a cinematic sleight ride into the strange and sublime universe of alternative Christmas music.

Man, I was so excited that this popped up on my suggested for you list a documentary about collecting rare Christmas records and the hunt to find them was right up my alley.  What you get in return is a sloppy mess of a movie that jumps all over the place. We talk to a few artists that they could find to talk about a song they wrote more than the dig trying to find odd music.  If you like the wired guy from Flaming Lips than you should check this out. Otherwise, this was a …

Cyber Monday Tunes

Enjoy some tunes while you shop in your jammies today.

Good luck on your shopping needs.

Santa's In Town Early This Year

The Christmas Chronicles
2018 | PG | 1 Hr. 44 Min. | Family | Netflix

Director: Clay Kaytis

Writer: David Guggenheim

Stars:  Kurt Russell Darby Camp Judah Lewis

The story of sister and brother, Kate and Teddy Pierce, whose Christmas Eve plan to catch Santa Claus on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about.
 As I write this it the end of crazy shopping on Black Friday that has turned to put our feet up eating leftover turkey as well as firing up Netflix kind of night. The Christmas Chronicles might be splitting audiences right down the middle this family affair was set in motion. We have been looking forward to Kurt Russell's spin on Santa ever since the trailer hit social media. 

The first few minutes of Chronicles is meeting the family through Home Videos of Christmas past leading up to current day. This does a good job of painting the perfect picture of a Happy Family when something goes wrong and has broken them. Mom played by the beautiful K…

A man of evil... with a face that could stop a heart!

Mr. Sardonicus
1661 | PG | 1 Hr 29 Min | Horror | Castle Productions
Director: William Castle Writers:  Ray Russell (screenplay) Ray Russell (novel)

Stars:  Ronald Lewis Audrey Dalton Guy Rolfe
A search for a winning lottery ticket in his dead father's grave causes Sardonicus' face to freeze in a horrible grimace until he forces a doctor to treat his affliction--with even more grotesque results! The audience gets an opportunity to vote--via the "Punishment Poll"--for the penalty, Sardonicus must pay for his deeds...

Not my favorite of the William Castle collection but still a fun movie. During its initial theatrical release, attendees were given small white cards with luminous thumbs with which to vote thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Although the audience could vote on whether the main character could be pardoned or receive further punishment, technology to "choose" an ending did not exist at the time. William Castle filmed only one ending for the movie, and the …

His Real Life Was the Biggest Fantasy of All

My Dinner with Hervé 2018 | R | 1 Hr. 50 Min | Drama Biography | Daredevil Films Director: Sacha Gervasi
Writers:  Sacha Gervasi (story) Sean Macaulay (story) |

Stars:  Peter Dinklage Jamie Dornan Frida Munting
Synopsis: A look at the life of French actor Hervé Villechaize, co-star of the hit '70s TV series "Fantasy Island", who took his own life in 1993 at the age of 50.
From writer and director Sacha Gervasi (who gave us the amazing documentary Anvil: The Story of Anvil and Hitchcock) tells us a personal story with My Dinner with Hervé filling us in on what happened when struggling journalist Danny Tate (Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan ) unwillingly takes an assignment to interview actor Hervé Villechaize (Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones) that turned into so much more. After having the French dwarf pull a knife on him and being challenged to delve deeper into the man behind the public persona, an unlikely friendship formed over a wild night in Los Angeles that became a li…

Time To Fly

Lady Bird
2017 | R | 1 Hr. 34 Min | Drama | A24

Director: Greta Gerwig

Writer: Greta Gerwig

Saoirse Ronan
Laurie Metcalf
Tracy Letts

Synopsis: Christine "Lady Bird" MacPherson is a high school senior from the "wrong side of the tracks." She longs for adventure, sophistication, and opportunity, but finds none of that in her Sacramento Catholic high school. LADY BIRD follows the title character's senior year in high school, including her first romance, her participation in the school play, and most importantly, her applying for college.

We all have had at least a couple of awkward yet interesting stories about their senior year of high school. It's one of those common bonds that get people talking and usually leads to even deeper dissection in the later years of a person's life. But at the moment, when those stories are being written, they feel like the deepest, most important experiences we'll ever face in our entire lives. Greta Gerwig's…

10 Years

10 Years of Finger Sticks
10 Years of Needles
10 Years of Insulin
10 Years of Doctor Visits
10 Years of Struggle
10 Years of Tears
10 Years of Sleepless Nights
10 Years of Bravery
10 Years of Asking God why?
10 Years of wondering what I did wrong to hurt my baby
10 Years of Low Blood Sugars
10 Years of "HI"

10 Years of Mood Swings
10 Years of Parents saying to us "Should she really eat that piece of Birthday cake"
10 Years of fighting with the Insurence Companies
10 Years of Over Protecting my Baby
10 Years of watching Ella get stronger every day!
10 Years of PTSD
10 Years of Anxiety in all of us
10 Years and you have grown from my baby to my little girl and now a teen!

Here is to...
A Lifetime of Smiles A Lifetime of Laughter A Lifetime of Sleepless nights A Lifetime of Musicals A Lifetime of up's and down's A Lifetime that you have taken control of A Lifetime of me not wanting to let you grow up 
Ten years ago our lives change forever, I still cry, I sti…


Let's just go with a classic this week. And if I do not get time Thursday may you all have a safe and warm Thanksgiving. And if you go out shopping remember that poor soal working does not really want to be yelled at they are not getting paid more to be there and they on like the shopper would rather be home with family. 

Black Thanksgiving?


She had a face only a mummy could love!

The Gorgon
1664 | PG | 1 Hr 23 Min | Horror | Hammer

Director: Terence Fisher
Writers:  John Gilling  J. Llewellyn Devine (based on an original story by)

Stars:  Christopher Lee Peter Cushing Richard Pasco
In early-twentieth-century middle-Europe, villagers are literally becoming petrified. Although the authorities try to hush the matter up, it is apparent that at the full moon, Megaera, a Gorgon, leaves her castle lair and anyone looking on her face is turned to stone. When this fate befalls a visitor, experts from the University of Leipzig arrive to try and get to the bottom of it all.
Watch 'The Gorgon’ at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, November 17, on MeTV.

Six million tons of icy terror!

1978 | 1 Hr 31 Min | PG | Action | New World Pictures

Director: Corey Allen

Writers: Corey Allen, Frances Doel

Rock Hudson
Mia Farrow
Robert Forster

Synopsis: The vacationers at a winter wonderland struggle to survive after an avalanche of snow crashes into their ski resort. Their holiday then turns into a game of survival.

If this is your first trip to the Cave welcome and thanks for joining me during the Rock Hudson Blogathon hosted by Love Letters to Old Hollywood and In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood. Pop some corn grab the sno caps and a cold Coke lets talk Roger Corman's big-budget flop Avalanche.

With Corman getting a huge budget of 6.5 million dollars to do an action drama with a few big names you just can't miss right? Wrong, sadly Corey Allen who has well over 80 credit's to his name struggles to make a jump from the small screen to the big one. Avalanche comes hot off the heels of the disaster movies of the 70's but feels better sui…