Black Thanksgiving?

Oh so true anymore!

Been Ther Done That!

Love This one!


  1. These are clever and cute - I have never been a black friday shopper! Just not worth the stress.

    1. believe it or not I like working Black Friday as long as everything goes well and people are not rude it's fun. It's the jack dog's that come in around 6PM at night demanding one of the 5 doorbusters that sold up 2 minutes after the doors opening at 4AM!

  2. These are great!! I went one time a few years ago to Target and it was very orderly. We had to wait outside in line and they had security yelling at us that if anyone started to run , they would be kicked out. No running or pushing. I bought a waffle iron for 8 dollars and my husband bought a nice swiss army brand carry on suitcase for a great deal . We divided and conquered and met back in line. Havent gone again but it wasn't so bad. We just don't need anything that bad.


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