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Michael Myers Hitting The Xbox & PS4 This August

Holy $h#t Balls! Michael Myers in a video game. With the recent release of Friday the 13th: The Game, it seems that bringing back another classic character to gaming is a no-brainer. Developer Behaviour Interactive aims to do just that with the upcoming Dead by Daylight DLC titled “The Halloween Chapter”. “The Halloween Chapter” will be a  DLC and release for consoles in August. Happy Birthday to me!
Gamers will have a chance to play as Michael Myers. The chapter will also include Laurie Strode as a new Survivor and the new map Haddonfield. Check out the cinematic trailer below.

What evil drives... The Car

The Car
1977 | Color | 1 Hr 36 Min | Action, Horror | PG | Universal 
Director: Elliot Silverstein

Writers:  Dennis Shryack (screenplay) Michael Butler(screenplay)

Stars:  James Brolin Kathleen Lloyd John Marley 

Near the small desert town of Santa Ynez, a mysterious black car runs down two teenagers on bike en route to camp, then it hit-and-runs a hitchhiker with local Amos Clements as the witness. Sheriff Everett puts his men on alert and plants roadblocks in the area to arrest the murderer, but soon he himself falls victim to the car. Sheriff Wade Parent leads the hunt for the vehicle that threatens their town and seems impossible to locate. When his beloved girlfriend, teacher Lauren Humphries, challenges the driver in a cemetery, the car hunts her in her home. Wade realizes he might be dealing with supernatural powers.

Oh yeah, a Sven staple and one of the first horror movies I watched as a child! This film is listed among The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made in Golden Rasp…

Blood is thicker than whiskey.

The Ranch
2017 | Color | 30 Min | Comedy | TV-MA | Netflix

Jim Patterson Don Reo

Stars:  Ashton Kutcher Danny Masterson Debra Winger Sam Elliott
The son of a Colorado rancher returns home from a semi-pro football career to run the family business.

Did Kutcher just jump the Shark? Part 3 of what has to be one of my most favorite things on TV just got deep! And I'm not sure where I stand on this.
We pick up after Heather drops the bombshell of being pregnant we quickly get a visit from Abby's parents and it is the last thing Colt needs -- and they all end up at church together on Christmas Eve. I'm not sure what it is this time around is it the pregnant and the tension it brings with Addy? Or is it Rooster not being around as much leaving the over the top sex jokes far and few. There just was not a lot of laugh out loud moments this time around. In fact, some of it felt pushed on you by the laugh track. What is going on here everything I have loved so far has been…


On occasion, you may have heard it said of some wonderful gadget, “This is the greatest invention since sliced bread!” This is intended to be both a compliment and a reference to how revolutionary and world-changing the invention is. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that while people have been slicing bread for eons, pre-sliced, packaged bread has only been available since 1928, when Otto Frederick Rohwedder introduced the world’s first mechanical bread slicer on July 7th that year.

I don't know if I could imagine life without sliced bread? In 1930 Wonder begins to sell pre-sliced bread and wouldn't you know it the toaster sales skyrocketed two years later!

By 1933, only five years after its introduction, American bakeries were turning out more sliced than unsliced bread. Rohwedder sold his invention to the Micro-Westco Co. of Bettendorf, Iowa, and he became vice-president and sales manager of the Rohwedder Bakery Machine Division of Micro-Westco, Inc. Rohwedder retired to…


What a wonderful State I live in!

Here is an idea why don't the politicians take a huge pay cut? 

I need to move...
What a Joke!