What did Halloween Look Like On Mtv in 1987 Well Take a look.

MTV: Halloween Top 20 Countdown With Alan Hunter

Such a crazy trip from October 31,1987 with Jason Bateman and some really odd music like Mr. Misters Somthing Real ( I don't remember this song at all) to REO Speedwagon - In My Dreams. Not sure this will get you into the Halloween Spirit but its cool nevertheless. 
Tracklisting in case you want to jump around. 
00:00:00 Alan Hunter With Jason Bateman Intro (Partial) 00:02:48 Yes - Love Will Find A Way  00:07:10 Alan Hunter With Jason Bateman Intro  00:07:57 Snoopy Come Home Disney Channel Local Commercial 00:08:27 Cinemax Channel Local Commercial  00:08:56 Lifetime Channel Local Commercial 00:10:00 RAD Rock Against Drugs PSA  00:10:33 Alan Hunter With Jason Bateman Intro  00:11:06 Mr. Mister - Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)  00:15:30 Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly  00:19:48 Alan Hunter Intro  00:20:18 Sun Country Wine Cooler Commercial 00:20:48 Doublemint Gum Commercial  00:21:18 Hiding Out Movie Commercial 00:21:48 Tin Pan Apple Records Albu…

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