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 My apologies gang it has been a rough month, hell it's been a terrible year. As always I was looking forward to Counting Down to Halloween with everyone but sadly fell really short. I will and I promise I will post pictures after Halloween of the kids and the video right away so please stop back for them. Today is our last Trunk or Treat as my youngest heads off to High School, look as if it will be indoors this year so that is a bummer.  Life for the girls is getting back to normal as you can see my oldest went to her second Homecoming this year. It feels sad that she missed her sophomore year but we made it this year. The event was held outdoors so the kids could go without a mask. I ❤ #52 Also keeping us busy is Lainey's basketball season the team is now 16-0 and looking for a run at State! On average, they are beating teams by 20 points or more. It's been pretty exciting.  And of course what knocked me back and out of commission COVID! Yep, this guy the one who has the

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