The Ranch Part 4

The Ranch Part 4
2017 | Color | 30 Min | Comedy | TV-MA | Netflix
Jim Patterson
Don Reo

Ashton Kutcher
Danny Masterson
Debra Winger
Sam Elliott

The son of a Colorado rancher returns home from a semi-pro football career to run the family business.

So after part 3, I wondered if the series had jumped the shark, and with season four that feeling did not really go away. It was not until the final episodes that the show got its feet back. The deep drama was still planted firmly with the comedy placed on the back burner. And now the looming question how will Danny Masterson exit the show. With Masterson's sex abuse allegations against him, netflix rightfully so has cut ties with the star. The truly sad news, Masterson was the best part of the show. And after this season ended I'm not looking forward to part 5.

Like I said the last few episodes found it's funny once again even tho there was plenty of drama to go around. Maggie comes home this time around to find Roster…

5 Playgirls Walked Innocently Into His Arms...

The Playgirls And The Vampire
1960 | color | 1 Hr 10 Min | Horror | NA | Nord Film Italiana


Writer: Piero Regnoli (story and screenplay)

Walter Brandi
Lyla Rocco Maria Giovannini 
A feckless troupe of European exotic dancers and their piano player led by a bumbling manager stumble upon a castle after encountering a ferocious storm. The castle, inhabited by Count Gabor, his assistant, and a vampire, is a little refuge for the traveling showgirls as they slowly fall under the spell of the undead demon. Vera, one of the reluctant dancers and the living doppelgänger of the vampire's dead wife, Margherita Kernassy—who has been dead nearly 200 years—becomes the object of affection for both Count Gabor and the vampire

What is better than sparkling Vampires? How about 5 playgirl go-go dancers? Well with no glitter like today's playgirls. In fact, these girls are prim and propper oh those Italians and their crazy horror movies. But let's be fair  Piero Regnoli bri…

Not so Funny Netflix!

Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers
2018 | color | 1 Hour  | Stand up Comedy  | PG | Netflix

Comedian and drummer Fred Armisen perform stand-up material, music, and sketches for an audience of fellow drummers.

Now being a drummer myself I was very intrigued by this idea. With special guest's like Sheila E. to Greenday's Tre Cool, I decided to sit down to enjoy a little standup.
Hmm, not so sure what this is I'm watching but its safe to say Im not laughing. This guy is not funny at all and the drum jokes yeah I get it but no really? 
I guess simply put if you like Fred Armisen (I could not get into Portlandia at all) you might like this but for me to you even if your a drummer skip this! I laughed a few times but hardly worth my time. 

Gone Away

"Gone Away" is the latest single from Five Finger Death Punch! And this Offspring cover is a masterpiece.  Listen to the single from their new album A Decade of Destruction!

Terror has 8 legs.

Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo 1977 | color | 1 Hr 35 Min | Horror | TV-14 | Alan Landsburg Productions

Director: Stuart Hagmann

Writers: John Groves, Guerdon Trueblood

Stars:  Claude Akins Charles Frank Deborah Winters 
An airplane carrying coffee beans from South America has some unpleasant stowaways: a hoard of tarantulas which overcome the pilots as the airplane is flying over an orange-producing town in California. The airplane crashes, and the unlucky inhabitants of the town release the poisonous spiders into their midst. Once the town's officials discover that the tarantulas are responsible for several deaths, the tarantulas have already descended upon the town's only orange-processing factory. The town's citizens risk their lives to remove the tarantulas from the factory while the poisonous pests are rendered motionless by the transmitted sound of buzzing bees.
From Sven
“Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo” crash-lands on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or, …

The Picnic Is Ruined.

1977 | color | 1 Hr 35 Min | Horror | TV-14 |  Alan Landsburg Productions

Director: Robert Scheerer

Writer: Guerdon Trueblood

Stars: Robert Foxworth Lynda Day George Gerald Gordon 
An old-fashioned, lakeside hotel targeted for purchase by an unsavory gambling casino promoter and situated next to a construction site, is attacked by an army of poisonous ants. Efforts to contain the ants and rescue those trapped in the hotel are hampered by the progress of the creepy crawlers upward from floor to floor.

“Ants!” will infest your TV tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central, or-check local listings, or at .  There’s been a change in the channel for MeTV in the St. Louis area- we’re now on KNLC – 24.1 over the air- and , on Dish, DirecTV, and Spectrum on channel 24. Don’t forget, our new Los Angeles homes are -KAZA 54.1 and KDOC 56.3 over the air, and, for Dish/DirecTV viewers – turn to ch. 54. Cable listings vary by community. Meanwhile, in …

Sorry Gang

So sorry I have not posted much the computer took a dump on us. So until we get a new one posts are kind of hard on this old slow lap top!

Going to try and write a few post's this weekend and see how things go. Thanks for the patience.


WHAT IS IT... How much terror can you stand?

Godzilla vs Mothra
1964 | color | 1 Hr 28 Min | Action | PG | ToHo

Director: Ishirô Honda
Writer: Shin'ichi Sekizawa

Stars:  Akira Takarada Yuriko Hoshi  Hiroshi Koizumi

A greedy developer has placed huge machines to suck dry a part of the ocean near Tokyo so he can put luxury condos there. After a storm, a giant egg washes up on the beach nearby and is immediately put on public display. The developer's plans go awry when he disrupts Godzilla's rest and the monster goes stomping through Tokyo again. It's up to the elderly Mothra, and then to its two offspring, to save Tokyo from destruction.
"Godzilla Vs Mothra" (which should NOT to be confused with a similarly named movie from 1992) gets ready to rumble tonight on MeTV at 8 pm eastern/pacific,7 central, or check for information about time and station in your local listings, or at – by the way, we know there have been some station changes in some areas, like Seattle, St. Louis, and Los Angeles- do…

The greatest scandal in polka history.

The Polka King
2018 | Color | 1 Hr 35 Min | Biography, Drama | TV14 | Netflix 
Directors:  Maya Forbes Wallace Wolodarsky

Writers:  Maya Forbes Wallace Wolodarsky

Stars:  Jack Black Jenny Slate Jason Schwartzman

Local Pennsylvania polka legend Jan Lewan develops a plan to get rich that shocks his fans and lands him in jail.
“The Polka King” debuted at last year’s Sundance Film Festival and tells the story of Lewan, a native of Poland who gained a large following as a polka musician. He was later sent to prison for defrauding about 400 people out of millions of dollars in what prosecutors termed a Ponzi scheme. While incarcerated, Lewan survived an attack in which a cellmate slit his throat.
“It’s like 90 percent true,” Jan Lewan said, “and a little bit of it is Hollywood of course.” Personly I have never heard of Lewan but after Jack Black's performance, I feel the need to look into his life a little bit more. 

Jack Black was amazing playful and warm all at the same time really draw…

Top Five Tuesday Mercy!

So the other day my brother stopped by and I had on the MLB Channel talking about the Hall Of Fame ballot. It got us talking about a few of our favorite players and how we would go to the ceremony if they were voted in. I have been thinking about my favorite White Sox players of all time. A few years ago this would have been pretty easy but right now not so much.

Number Five

For so many reason's Chet Lemon will always be on the top of the list. He was the first All-Star I remember for the White Sox he was also the first Home Run I saw in person when I was very young. In fact, it was a doubleheader against the Kanas City Royal's my dad and I were on a bus trip with the rotary club. Then there was this one time I made a one-handed catch in a little league and the coach yelled from the dugout "we do not make Chet Lemon catches!" Made me laugh but I get it use two hands!

Number Four

Any 11-year old growing up in the '80s as a Sox fan you know you had to be a Carlton…

Music Monday Wedding Songs

Since yesterday was about my wife today how about the first song we danced to...

I still love this song! And here is the song she played for me.

Gratitude Week 2 My Spouse

Week 2 My Spouse

My wife of almost 20 years is my rock, my best friend and the one person on this earth that really gets me.

She has given me two of the most precious and adorable girls a family could ask for.

I'm sure if you ask her what I could change about myself it would be more patient.

A little history

I meet Erinn at a bar the one thing I never thought would happen but this was 1995 and we did not have Tinder or Single Farmers dot com. The bar we were at was the gay bar for the night. She was at a table with two guys that I knew so, of course, I felt my chances were pretty good that she would at least talk to me. We talked about a mood watch that she was wearing. And life became just a little bit clearer. I remember what she was wearing a plaid skirt with a black sweater she drank bud lite and that was rough I was a miller man. We went out for breakfast that night and exchanged phone numbers. You know that stupid guy code that you have to wait three days or you look desper…

Born in Hell!

Godzilla Raids Again
1955 | B&W | 1 Hr 18 Min | Action | PG | ToHo

Director: Motoyoshi Oda

Takeo Murata
Shigeaki Hidaka

Stars:  Hiroshi Koizumi Setsuko Wakayama Minoru Chiaki

Koji Kobayashi, a spotter for a Japanese fishing fleet crash lands his plane on a barren island. His best friend, Shoichi Tsukioka, manages to find him and lands his plane next to his so he can be rescued. The two pilots are shocked when they see two giant monsters waging war before falling into the ocean. The two pilots race back to Japan to inform the government what they saw. Soon the world comes to the realization, that a monster closely related to the original Godzilla is on the loose as well as a new monster named Angilas. Soon, the two monsters arrive in Osaka where they resume their battle. Will the two monsters destroy Osaka before they ultimately destroy each other?

“Godzilla Raids Again” surfaces on MeTV tonight at 8 pm eastern/pacific, 7 central time- and you can check your local listing…