What was your 12th Birthday Song?

Ok, so social media seems to be all anybody has right now so even I have jumped on from time to time. One of my favorite questions out there was what was the number one song on your 12th birthday.  So here you go this would be our family playlist for our 12th birthdays.

When I first looked this up I came up with I love Rock and Roll and thought how cool. Sadly I was doing something wrong but I'm not sad by this one...

Well, my wife missed Billie Jean by a week and is stuck with this 80s one-hit-wonder. So lovingly I looked in her eyes and told her "she's dirty" no really I did I still have the slap mark to prove it.

My poor child when she turned 12 she was dancing around to Sia and her Cheap Thrills! Ella is all about music so she was a little bummed that this had to be her song. (as she is belting out "Best of Both Worlds" by Hanna Montana from her bedroom)

Annnnnd this odd song has been number one for the past 7 weeks just getting dethroned by Blinding Li…

We need a little laugh today.


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