The Power of Two!!!

"It's the first musical comedy game in the history of video games," said Warren Spector, head of Junction Point Studios. "We're not just talking about one song. We're not just talking about music over the credits. Much of the story of Epic Mickey 2 is told through song."

WHAT??? The fist game was a great time. And I look forward to the easier controls of the Xbox but signing?? God help us if their is a Small World stage. With "over 1,000" changes to the camera system, Spector is aiming to make the new game more playable. This is great news for my 7 year old would get stuck often do to poor camera angles and the darkness of the room.

As in any Spector game, choice and consequence play key roles. Players will still be able to create objects by painting them -- or destroy objects by using paint thinner -- but this time their choices will have a much more permanent effect upon the world.

Never the less I'm a sucker for Disney and they hardly disappoint so I'm looking forward to this fall and Epic Mickey 2. 


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