Night Trap 25th Anniversary

Strange things have been occurring at the Martins' residence. Five teenagers have already disappeared while saying there. Your job is to find out what is happening and assist the SCAT agents in protecting a group of teenagers who are staying there tonight by trapping anyone with hostile intentions.

Oh, my gosh by 10-year-old self is having heart palpitations! I will once again get to see my first crush Dana Plato in one of the coolest yet cheesiest and awful game ever made!

It sure caused a stir in 1992 due to its violence and possible sexual themes and was pulled from shelves temporarily due to the violence.  Night Trap was said to have been a factor that led to the creation of North America's Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB. Funnily enough, the once-controversial title is only receiving a meager "T" for "Teen" rating from the Board this time around. So does that mean the pillow fight has been taken out? Or the girl getting caught and the blood drained from her body? I mean come on that is what made this fun.

There will be a physical release with three different covers mirroring the different Sega CD covers the game held, but the retail versions are exclusive to PS4 with only a digital option available for Xbox One and that kind of sucks ass being I only own the Xbox One.

According to, they plan on announcing another title yet this year! bring on the FMV cheesy!


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