Outer space was her playground

Moonie and the Spider Queen
2013 | Color | 27 Min | Sci-Fi | R | Producers Releasing Corp.

Director: Nicola Cuti

Writer: Nicola Cuti

Nikoma DeMitro
Anthony Wayne
William August

Moonie, the Starbabe, can live in outer space without any life support. The secret as to how she can do this is worth millions. She rides through space on her astercycle and one day accidentally crashes into the starship piloted by Perry and Torry. The two men see the fortune in Moonie but before they can bring her to Earth, she takes off in order to rescue her sister Star babes being held captive by Phobia, the Spider Queen. With the help of Perry and Torry, she frees her sisters and vanquishes the evil spider queen to a fate worse than death.

Holy crazy bat sh@t batman! I woke up early today and did not want to wake up the rest of the house so I headed down to the Man Cave and fired up the Roku to check out a new channel put out by Fred Olen Ray called Retromedia Tv. As I was perusing the catalog when I stumbled onto a tile called Moonie And the Spider Queen, And with a short run time of 27 minutes I felt good about my time being wasted. Oh yeah, this was nuts and in a good way.

Nicola Cuti worked as the editor, artist, and writer for comic book companies such as DC, Marvel, and Warren(publisher of "Creepy" and "Vampirella" comics). He created numerous characters including superhero "E-Man" and his underground classic  "Moonie" from 1968 which he produced himself. He is also a two-time winner of the Ray Bradbury Award for writing excellence. He has also worked on some cool animated cartoons that we know like BraveStarr, Double Dragon, and Dilbert. After doing some searching around it looks like he turned to crowd funding for this hopeful space serial. All I can tell you is that the budget is listed at $5,000 and it looks better than most Full Moon Films with bigger budgets.

I really did like the look and the feel of this movie even if they are unknown actors. They played their parts just right. The star of the show was Nikoma DeMitro who has a few more B-movie credits with classics like Rockabilly Zombie Weekend, Dead Wedding and Cam-Girl. But she nailed her part. I can hear it now if you watch this movie "She was kind of fat" comments but get past her body and relax she is really pulling off this charter. Besides if you watch the unrated version she has no problem showing off her girls that will make the fanboys happy. 😇

Sure this movie is largely done in front of a green screen but somehow they pulled it off making it look like a big budget movie. The colors used were fun and comic book like drawing you into the story. Sure there where a few silly moments like the ship pilots are around a shelf unit from the Home Depot with computer screens and joysticks around it but again it works.

The movie was shot from the comic panel for panel, in fact, they used a comic book for the storyboards themselves you can really tell Cuti wanted this to look and feel like the book. The only thing I can think of that this was missing was some sort of soundtrack, It was nothing special and really did not do much to entice the viewer.

So now the negative, It was way too short! I wanted more I looked for a second episode for hours today and could not find one. Sadly this looks to be the only one so far. Will they make more I don't know only time will tell I guess? I can say this I will be looking for the comic book this summer at Comic Con. I did find the clean version over on YouTube I did not watch that version but for the most part, they just cut out the nudity and some of the langue. You can check it out here. If you do watch it let me know I would love to hear what you think.

I hope I have not gone too crazy but Moonie you get...

3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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