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This is for you Rusty!
I love it check it out!

"Don't go into the light!"

Zelda Rubinstein Passed away today Wednesday, January 27Th. Best Known for the role that freaked me out Tangina Barrons of Poltergeist fame. She Passed away of natural causes at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles. She was 76 years old. She was born May 28,1933, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1983, she won a Saturn Award for her work in Poltergeist (1982) Best Supporting Actress. Her roles in Sixteen Candles as the organist, Teen Witch, Witchcraft, and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon one of my all time favorite movies.

Boy my butt Hurts, CockHammer!

Rated MA 18+
Release Date 2009
Run Time 81 minutes
Starring The Hack Movie Gang
Kevin Strange
Joe Hammerstone
Erik Williams
Thaddeus Starbuckle
Amiee Donahue
Katie Dearest
Director: Kevin Strange
DVD Special Features include -Director Commentary -Cast Commentary -"Behind the cock" Vignettes -Bloopers! -and much more!

The Story: "CockHammer is the story of Terrence and Perander, two pill-popping swinger losers who's girlfriends are mysteriously kidnapped by CockHammer, a snuff porn kingpin, and occult sorcerer bent on unlocking the secrets of the dreaded black mage diary! Will Terrence and Perander figure out his heinous intentions and rescue their bitches in time to get their assholes fucked, or will the girls become the latest victims in CockHammer's elaborate plot to become a demigod?!

Where Did I find This: Flash Back Weekend vendor table. Me " so which one should I buy" Kevin" well here its (pointing to the movies on the table) (movie one:)…

Not My Slice Of Pie

American Pie Presents Book of Love
Rated NR Release Date:December 22, 2009 Running Time: 94 Minutes Genre: Comedy Director: John Putch
Cast:Eugene Levy, Bug Hall, Kevin M. Horton, Brandon Hardesty, Beth Behrs, Melanie Papalia,
Jennifer Holland, John Patrick Jordan, Cindy Busby, Naomi Hewer, Adrienne Carter
Dvd Extras:interactive menus; scene access; deleted scenes; gag reel; behind-the-scenes featurette; additional featurettes.
The Story: When Rob (Bug Hall), Nathan (Kevin M. Horton) and Lube (Brandon Hardesty) discover the sex bible left behind by their horny predecessors at East Great Falls High School, the hilarious quest for landing babes continues as the desperate virgins set out to score the big home run. But with the well-used and hallowed manual worn and missing some pertinent information, the boys' mission to lose their virginity is one hilarious mishap after another
Where did I pick this up: Netflix Ok wow, how do I start this review? Hmm well, I like the American Pie spin-offs th…

ok I'll Do it! Happy New Year.

So I keep reading all these Top 10 lists that everybody thinks they need to do. Then I ran across something different the Top 10 Horror Movies of the Decade. And it made my think hey way not nobody really reads my rambles anyway and it would be fun. Besides my taste is so far different from everybody else on this planet, don't believe ask my brother.

First a few Honorable Mentions:
My Name is Bruce; Staring, written and directed by Bruce Campbell himself. He really saved his ass with this one after The Man with the Screaming Brain. If you are a fan of Campbell you have seen this and you get it. If not well get out from that rock you dork.Jason X; Why because I think this is one of the best Friday the 13Th they have made in years. Kane Hodder is Jason, the way he moves and walks, he really brings him to life. Sure they take the battle into space and that can be lame but for me it works, but the new evil upgrade was well done and received. I remember when this movie was never getting…