Brawl with Bebop. Run with Rocksteady.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
2016 | Color | 1 Hr 52 Min | Action | PG-13 | Paramount 

Dave Green

Josh Appelbaum
André Nemec

Megan Fox
Will Arnett
Tyler Perr

After facing Shredder, who has joined forces with mad scientist Baxter Stockman and henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady to take over the world, the Turtles must confront an even greater nemesis: the notorious Krang.

Man, I have to stop listing to the media when it comes to blockbuster movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! So was this non-stop action flick with one-liners peppered into the story better than people give it credit for? Read on followers read on!

Up and comer Dave Green (Earth to Echo) will take us on a journey through the sewers of New York bringing along a few favorites like Casey Jones, Rocksteady, Bebop, and of course Krang! I must say New York never looked so good on film and the Turtles have come a long way since the first go round. Comic book superhero movies still flood the cineplex with our hero's in a half shell not getting much love! And why? I blame the trailers for these movies they are simply put the reason I stay away from them until home video! If they make a third one I will not stay away this time! The turtles look great the second time around and the story gives us fans something to cheer about with them tapping into the story line we all loved as kids. 

For me, Rocksteady and Bebop looked fantastic and have some of the best lines giving us comic relief and really driving the story home! Yet fans and critics did not seem to care as much for them as I did and that is sad as they were a wonderful addition to the story. What fell short for me was Casey Jones who was always my favorite of the outcast superheroes. He just was not the fun wisecracking hockey mask stud I'm used too. I'm not saying Stephen Amell (Green Arrow) is bad they just wrote his charter to be a little more dumbed down and stiff for some reason. I guess 1990s TMNT Elias Koteas will always be my favorite Casey and the bar I will always hold the charter too. My only other complaint sadly is Krang his animation was a little hard to follow for me, Kind of like Transformer's movie there is so much going on with the robots that I can not keep up. Not to say that Krang's story line was bad in fact it was pretty spot on just not a fan of how he looks at times.

One really big bright spot for me was Tyler Perry has Baxter Stockman. This leads me to believe if they make a third we will get to see his creation the Mouser! Man, that makes me want to play the old video game now! Perry was a solid addition as well he has this simple charm about it. Also who did not love that Judith Hoag, who played April O'Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990), made a cameo appearance in the film as April's boss Rita. And what is there not to love about the Turtle Tactical Truck! This was a combo of all the different trucks used in the comics and of course the cartoons. 

So honestly if you're a fan of TMNT I'm not telling you anything new this movie is a fun and fast-paced joyride. If you're a casual fan and listened to the critics don't! Watch this for yourself you should not be disappointed. I also feel like the movie is leaps and bounds above the 2014 version that I liked as well so for somebody that is looking for a fun lite weight action flick give this a shot you just might be surprised! 

Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

4 Ninja Santa's out of 5


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