Dial 1-500-KICK-ASS for the Pest Eliminator near you.

Destruction to all he touched or looked upon!

The Stroke

I wish I had $50 bucks!

Get Pitch Slapped

You'll all be Dammed!

Zombie's just want to have fun

November Box of Dread found footage.

Lets Go Duck Hunting!

Behind a barrier of antarctic ice... a paradise of hidden terrors!

Out of a time-rotted tomb crawls an unspeakable horror!

Summer Block Buster that never happened.

May Monster Madness!

Weird Monster Escapes! Terror Seizes City!

Wait what?!?

Beach Party Blogathon!

How about some Svengoolie

Thirteen Inches with an Attitude

You'll Pay To Get In... And Pray To Get Out!

The Ultimate Alien Weapon Is Back

Out of the bowl... and TOTALLY out of control!

They're busting out!

If you cross him...he'll kill ya!...Stone dead!

May The 4th Be With You

Billy was a kid who got pushed around... Then he found the power

Sven gets his 4th Rondo!


What The Hell did I just watch!