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babes behind bars
2013 | Color | 73 Min. | 16.9HD | R | Documentry | Stereo | Full Moon Features

Source: DVD

Director: Charles Band

Writer: Colin Rodgers

Bob Ramos
Mindy Robinson

Welcome to Babe Jail, where the best shower a girl can get is from the warden's house, and interrogation always ends in intercourse! This outlandish compilation of trailers and clips spotlights the women-in-prison sub-genre of grindhouse exploitation films, which were most popular in the 70's and 80's. Hosted by the illegally-sexy "Roxie" and her demented ogre-of-a-cellmate, "Lavondra," you've been sentenced to watch the best of the most degrading, perverse, and sadistically sexist filth ever sent to the slammer. The prison bars may be cold, but the babes are hot!

Not too much to say about Charles Band's documentary Babes Behind Bars. This flick pays tribute to the genre of grindhouse movies that featured women in prison. The film collects a number of trailers and outrageous clips from various B-grade exploitation flicks. Mindy is your host and all she really does talk dirty to the camera, it's kind of a snooze fest unless you like these trailer type of movies. Sometimes they are fun and at only 73 minutes I would say it is only 13 minutes too long.

2 Bloody Brains out of 5


  1. holy sh*# - I did not think support bras of this magnitude were standard prison issue.


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