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He's a vampire who hasn't scored in 400 years. Tonight's the night!

1990 | Color | 1 Hr 27 Min | Musical | PG-13 | Cannon

Luca Bercovici

Luca Bercovici
Jeffery Levy

Stars:  Dean Cameron Toni Basil Thomas Dolby 
Rockula is a male vampire who lost his lady love centuries ago. She was killed by a pirate with a rhinestone peg leg, wielding a large ham bone. Our hero, the vampire, did nothing to save her. So he is now cursed to watch her be born again in another life, and then watch her die, strangely enough by a pirate with a rhinestone peg leg, wielding you-know-what. Now, in 1990, he has, he suspects, his last chance to try to save her instead of watching get clubbed over and over again down through the years. Oh, and he becomes a rock star in the process.

Why yes this is a rock Musical love story about Vampires and it well Rocks!


I have a special Music Monday for you today but you will not understand it until Valentines Day! Or as some of us bloggers call it Vampire's Day Soiree. In the mean time here is the tease to get you ready for that day.

Make sure to stop back tomorrow.

Happy Dance!

I'm not going to lie this made me cry!

Where man and metal converge.

Iron Thunder
1998 | Color | 1 Hr 53 Min | Action Sci-Fi | R | Sterling Entertainment

Director: Jay Woelfel

Writer: Jay Woelfel

Richard Hatch
Susannah Devereux
Don Hughes
Danger faces unsuspecting tourists in Las Vegas as Colonel Nelson, who goes mad when he is accidentally electrocuted by the very super secret U.S. military tank he is testing, Iron Thunder. He now believes he is in the middle of an actual war and the city of glittering lights is his target. In a desperate attempt to stop him from using the state of the art offensive and defensive technology on board, the head of the Iron Thunder project sends out a Special Forces team, headed by a woman who has to deal with a crew that has its own ulterior agendas. Following Nelson's trail of destruction across the desert, they face off in a spectacular battle and force Nelson out of his tank. The battle continues on foot into the ruined Ghost towns of times gone by. Nelson is in his element, matching wits and weapons with…


Ah, the day my Twitter followers hate me is here the 2017 F This Movie Fest 6 the world's only Twitter Film Festival. What does that mean for you? Well duh, it means grab the following movies follow +FThisMovie on Twitter and use the hashtag #fthismovieflimfest to chat about the movies we are all watching at the same time!!

This year Patrick Bromley and his crew are jumping back to the wonderful year of 1987. So here are the simple rules from the F This Movie Blog

1. Secure copies of all five movies! (DVD/Blu-ray, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes rentals, public libraries, etc.)
2. If you're not already doing so, follow F This Movie! on Twitter (@fthismovie). If you're not already on Twitter, you should sign up! You can quit the very next day if you want.
3. Don't quit. Keep following us on Twitter.
4. Beginning at Noon on Saturday, February 11th, we all start watching the first movie at the same time from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME and talk about it on Twitter (just ta…

Little Kickers 2017

I keep forgetting to get his post up!! My little peanut is the one wearing striped leggings dancing her heart away. This year's little kickers theme was songs from Troll's. I was a little bit shocked at how little amount of fans were in the stands that night High School sure has changed. If your a fan of YouTube make sure to subscribe to my channel.

The PYX Theme

You would believe I could not find a video on YouTube? Weird. I was looking for the songs Karen Black sang during PYX to share they were so fun and creepy. I did manage to find a homemade video that will have to do.

Her business is pleasure. Until her date with ... The Pyx.

The PYX 1973 | Color | 1 Hr 48 Min | Thriller | R | Host Productions Quebec

Harvey Hart

Robert Schlitt (screenplay) John Buell (novel)

Karen Black
Christopher Plummer Donald Pilon
Elizabeth Lucy was dead, but the evil chain of events that claimed her life was still very much alive...
Most people would have buried the beautiful call-girl and forgotten her. But not Henderson - he was the man who found himself strongly compelled to look into her past - and slowly he learned the secret of Elizabeth's death, the secret of THE PYX...

"The Pyx" a small round container used to carry the consecrated host to sick or invalid individuals or those otherwise unable to receive Holy Communion in a church is based on the bestseller of the same name written by John Buell. The Pyx or The Hooker Cult Murders is considered to be Canada's first Horror Film.