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FlashBack Weekend

Its that time again to talk about my favorite Horror Con Flashback Weekend. Sunday was the only day we could attend this year so Eric and I packed up the car and hit the road. Armed with our backpacks full of DVD cases and poster's we headed out early. The big thing for Sunday was to meet Freddy him self Robert England. The draw back to this you had to buy his book "Hollywood Monster" for 30 bucks and wait in line for hours just for him to sign his name and say "Next". As always England is not one to chat with his fans at all. As we waited in line his line was growing and the closer I got to the door the less I cared about him. So I skipped my book ticket and hit the dealer floor.

First things first we always do the lap and see what there is and reevaluate the funds in our pocket. Of course this year was the year of OVER PRICED CELEBRITY. The first table we hit was Tony Todd the Candyman him self, dude get over your self $30 for his crap and $25 for your own but…

Monster Island: A Zombie Novel

This is a zombie novel--a fantastic zombie novel. Most of the world has fallen to the undead, with pockets of survivors clinging to a precarious existence. At the behest of the leader of the Free Women's Republic of Somaliland, a shipload of those makes the ludicrous trip from Africa to New York in a desperate quest for medicine. New York is a wasteland, and everything depends on a small, incredibly dedicated band of teenage girls, armed to the teeth, and native guide Dekalb, formerly a UN arms inspector. Also, in NYC, there is Gary, a zombie who, completely unexpectedly, retains live human mental faculties. The questers get ringside seats for some of the apocalypse's finest moments, and no matter how prepared they thought they were, something worse awaits in the depths of New York. When zombies have already overrun everything, that's saying something. There are many layers to this zombie apocalypse, and this book just gets things rolling. Stay tuned. Regina SchroederCopy…