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Camp Fear By Carol Ellis

Ok before you say anything yes this is a tween book but who cares the title screamed buy me so I did. I picked this book up at the book sale for .25 cents. Rachel is hired as a counselor at Camp Silverlake for the upcoming session. All counselors must meet up a week before for orientation. Things get off to a great start at first, until strange things start happening. One day, Rachel is assigned the job of the upkeep on the lobby/lodge bulletin board for the upcoming campers. She decides to put up pictures of the past years at the camp. Afterward, everyone becomes very quiet and irritated with her for no apparent reason. She soon finds out why....Seven years earlier, a camper died of an accident, and Rachel accidentally put his picture up right in the center of the board. Aside from that, unfortunate mishaps occur, such as a snake in someone's bed, etc. Even scarier, it happened to the person who has a phobia of snakes! Similar events occur, according to peoples' phobias and fe…

King Bong Boy I'm a Sucker

Evil Bong 2 King Bong
2009 | Color | 1hr 20 min | Horror | R | Full Moon Features
Director: Charles Band

Writers:  Charles Band  Domonic Muir

Stars:  Brett Chukerman Sonny Carl Davis  Mitch Eakins

Other features: Color; interactive menus; scene access; behind-the-scenes featurette; Stan Lee interview by William Shatner.

Description Larnell (John Jordan), Luanne (Robin Sydney) and those crazy dudes from EVIL BONG are back for a bigger hit! Suffering from bizarre side-effects caused by smoking weed from the Evil Bong, they travel to South America in search of a cure. Deep in the jungle, they encounter the deadly KING BONG and are soon locked in a trippy - and hilarious - battle with their old nemesis Eebee and the dangerously sexy Poontang Tribe! If you enjoyed "Evil Bong", then you must have been really high! And you'll especially love "King Bong", loaded with gore, weed, and beautiful women making it the ultimate stoner-horror comedy!

It amazes me to this day tha…

Moving Ella over to her own blog

Sorry for the lack of updates lately been really busy with the end of summer coming a school starting soon. I'm going to move all of the girls updates to a different blog. I did not feel it was fair to them they had to be part of dad's geek-dom. So watch for that soon.