King Bong Boy I'm a Sucker

Evil Bong 2 King Bong
2009 | Color | 1hr 20 min | Horror | R | Full Moon Features

Director: Charles Band

Charles Band 
Domonic Muir

Brett Chukerman
Sonny Carl Davis
 Mitch Eakins

Other features: Color; interactive menus; scene access; behind-the-scenes featurette; Stan Lee interview by William Shatner.

Larnell (John Jordan), Luanne (Robin Sydney) and those crazy dudes from EVIL BONG are back for a bigger hit! Suffering from bizarre side-effects caused by smoking weed from the Evil Bong, they travel to South America in search of a cure. Deep in the jungle, they encounter the deadly KING BONG and are soon locked in a trippy - and hilarious - battle with their old nemesis Eebee and the dangerously sexy Poontang Tribe! If you enjoyed "Evil Bong", then you must have been really high! And you'll especially love "King Bong", loaded with gore, weed, and beautiful women making it the ultimate stoner-horror comedy!

It amazes me to this day that Full Moon makes sequels that are better than the first one. Now I'm one of those that liked the first Evil Bong, so when the second helping came around I was more than happy to slop it on my plate. The movie is a much more polished than its little sister and looks really good. The cast gelled together much better this time around as well. Robin Sydney as cute as she still does not seem to get it. She has such a hard time caring about the movie she is in.

Also missing is Tommy Chong all though this is not a bad thing as we still get a fun trippy 80 minutes that is well crafted and much better acted. In Full Moon style, the gore is low making a ready for TV style movie. A few nice boobs to fill in space. If you like the first one you love the second hit on the bong much better.

 3 Bloody Brains out of 5


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