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More on 34 Part 2 Saturday

Ok, More on 34... well more junk on the side of the road. Do these people know how to have a garage sale?? People looked like the opened the front door and let their house spew out unwanted crap! If I thought it was ok to take pictures of this junk I would have. So we start the morning in Princeton and had some fun. The fairgrounds had some great dealers and a lot of food. In all, we spent $4 dollars at the fairgrounds. So it was still early we trucked over to Wyanet. It was hit and miss some nice so dirt and some trash. All said and done we traveled 30 to 40 miles and found nothing really spent less than 6 dollars and had some fun. Would I do it again...well no I don't think there would be a reason. If was a fun time with Ella but we could stay home and do the same thing.

More on 34 part one Friday

OK, so as the story goes Ella and I like to get out and hit a garage sale or two. Ella is always on the hunt for that next big treasure to find. Ever since she found Polly Pockets for .25 cents she is a digger. She loves it, and I think it is fun to dig around with her. Don't be fooled I don't mind finding that treasure as well. The Book, CD, or DVD I can post online for a DVD I really want. Or that piece of junk I just need to own.

Well with that said a lady a work was telling me about this "More On 34" sale. Well, this sounded cool to me and why not get out and stop at a few house at a time and what not. More like not! I got off work early today so I asked Ella if she would like to go see what was in Mendota and then head home. Mendota was so bad and there was nothing out we were pretty disappointed. Ella was really bummed so I said let us trek on! And to La Mollie we went. Things look up we stopped 6 times in the little town and a storm was fast approaching. Ella…

The Cuz's Play Date


Dance of the Dead

So after I hooked up the Xbox 360 Ella and I was looking for a game demo she could play. After we settled on "Up" I was looking around and found a video to "Rise of the Dead 2" and this is what happened....That's my girls! Also, Ella really wanted to play a game, well the games you sold me were really not kid games but we settled on "Transformers The Game" that lead to some great laughs. I'm going to have to find some code for unlimited health for her.

Thanks again Steve hope you enjoy the video.

The Hangover With Steve

Ok so its the #1 movie in America again and Hangover 2 has been singed up I can safely say Go see this movie! Why well its funny and Zach Galifianakis is spot on funny. This dude killed me in "Out Cold" and made this movie. The movie had a ton of holes and really could have been edited down a little. You just start to laugh your ass off and then bam here comes a slow spot for 10 minutes. Never the less this will sit in my dvd collection when it comes out.

So good job Steve it was fun. Now the Brent haveing a heart attack from the onions on his burger at hooters was funny as well.

But you need to watch Friday the 13th hitting video Tuesday. A great Jason awsome kills and a pretty good plot.

Ok untill later...No, it's a satchel... Indiana Jones has one

Munster, Go Home


Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo
Universal; Directed by Earl Bellamy
Not Rated; 90 minutes; 1966

This full-length motion picture features the cast of the popular TV series, THE MUNSTERS. Herman takes his family to England to claim his inheritance - a man full of ghosts, murderous relatives, and assorted surprises. Fortunately, there's is nothing an American Munster likes better than a good scare, and Herman eventually exposes his crooked cousins.

OK, So I picked this up at book sale just for the per collectible aspect and it was only 2 bucks. I began to watch this last night. And was bummed that it was a full screen, not a widescreen transfer. This is the full movie for crying out load. And to top it off this is bare bones! Not one extra at all. I can live with the mono track for that is most likely the way it played in theaters. The first odd thing here is seeing them in color. Growing up it was always black and white so this came as very strange. All thou Marilyn (D…

Pictures From Steve's Party

We are going to miss you Steve

Erinn Steve and I

Tim and his "Cubs Suck" shirt

John, Me,Dave,Jim, and Dan (Cedar Rules)


My love for horror never fails me. Here is the next big thing .

You can even download a free song if you don't believe me!

The Zombeatles are from Wisconsin some of their hits include "All you need is Brains"I want to eat your hand"Ate Brains a Week" and "P.S. I Loving Eating You"

Steve's Going away party was a lot of fun it was nice to see an old friend again. I will be heading up next week with John for one last boys night out!

Svengoolie turns 30 in a few weeks! On the air for 30 years wow! This week he is not showing a very good movie but if you tune in they are showing his Rondo Award. And the geek that I am I voted! So watch here for my great review.

Today was a crazy day at work. Both my guys have family issues so all week we will be short. Yet it was so peaceful and busy at the same time, weird yes. OK, it's hot and I still don't get this thing but there you go blog #2. So check out the ZOMBEA…

Ode to Steve

So here I go again. This blog is for my buddy Steve. He is a blogger so why not join the fun. First, Steve asked me to join Myspace (have not logged on to that in a long time) Then Facebook and now this. Why not I would do anything for Steve. Steve is leaving for Florida in a few weeks so this is a new way to keep in touch. So here are a few rules if you're going to read my blog.
1 If you don't like my grammar and or spelling move on!
2 If you don't like what I'm writing will go read about the Cubs losers like to stick together.
3 If you don't know me why are you here?
Thanks and have a good day.

Edited six years later. Wow, I almost come off as a crabby ass! This was a poor attempt at humor.