More on 34 part one Friday

OK, so as the story goes Ella and I like to get out and hit a garage sale or two. Ella is always on the hunt for that next big treasure to find. Ever since she found Polly Pockets for .25 cents she is a digger. She loves it, and I think it is fun to dig around with her. Don't be fooled I don't mind finding that treasure as well. The Book, CD, or DVD I can post online for a DVD I really want. Or that piece of junk I just need to own.

Well with that said a lady a work was telling me about this "More On 34" sale. Well, this sounded cool to me and why not get out and stop at a few house at a time and what not. More like not! I got off work early today so I asked Ella if she would like to go see what was in Mendota and then head home. Mendota was so bad and there was nothing out we were pretty disappointed. Ella was really bummed so I said let us trek on! And to La Mollie we went. Things look up we stopped 6 times in the little town and a storm was fast approaching. Ella's treasures today are a "That's so Raven" DVD and Art set toy boat for the pool and some cooking toys all for $4.00 so she was happy. Until she has to pull 4 things to get rid of.

As the thunder rolled in we rolled out next stop Dover before we eat. We saw a few sales along the way but did not stop, the rain was starting to fall and just did not look worthwhile. Dover looks like a dud so we head to the spaghetti express to bring home dinner. And then came the rain as we got out of the car! Not a dry spot on the two of us.

All and all today was nice to get out with Ella. And we will head to Princeton tomorrow like we had planned all along, I will try and remember the camera as well.


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