My love for horror never fails me. Here is the next big thing
http://www.beeftone.com/zombeatles.html# .

You can even download a free song if you don't believe me!

The Zombeatles are from Wisconsin some of their hits include "All you need is Brains"I want to eat your hand"Ate Brains a Week" and "P.S. I Loving Eating You"

Steve's Going away party was a lot of fun it was nice to see an old friend again. I will be heading up next week with John for one last boys night out!

Svengoolie turns 30 in a few weeks! On the air for 30 years wow! This week he is not showing a very good movie but if you tune in they are showing his Rondo Award. And the geek that I am I voted! So watch here for my great review.

Today was a crazy day at work. Both my guys have family issues so all week we will be short. Yet it was so peaceful and busy at the same time, weird yes. OK, it's hot and I still don't get this thing but there you go blog #2. So check out the ZOMBEATLES.


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