More on 34 Part 2 Saturday

Ok, More on 34... well more junk on the side of the road. Do these people know how to have a garage sale?? People looked like the opened the front door and let their house spew out unwanted crap! If I thought it was ok to take pictures of this junk I would have. So we start the morning in Princeton and had some fun. The fairgrounds had some great dealers and a lot of food. In all, we spent $4 dollars at the fairgrounds. So it was still early we trucked over to Wyanet. It was hit and miss some nice so dirt and some trash. All said and done we traveled 30 to 40 miles and found nothing really spent less than 6 dollars and had some fun. Would I do it again...well no I don't think there would be a reason. If was a fun time with Ella but we could stay home and do the same thing.


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