Diabetes Update

Here is some shocking news "Kids with Type 1 diabetes are more likely to be overweight than those without the disease, increasing their risk of serious health and complications, researchers say. "

As Ella would say "Ya Think" food is what she needs to survive. She eats more with her med's then I eat in a day. This has been the biggest concern of Erinn and I for a few months now. She eats healthy and you would think that would help but it does not. We stay active it's not like she sits around and watches TV. This is so frustrating! And right now we trying to get her levels back in order after a growth spurt, I make me want to bang my head off the wall! Our goal is 80 - 180 and we can hardly get her to 200.
For those who have asked she is not on Lantus. I would probably be in the nut house if she was. So as we go into a big food all around holiday wish us luck!

Happy 4th of July!


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