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Sorry don't know how I missed this. But on the same day as Hardbodies will also be "Spring Break"! It will be a Happy Birthday in this house. Here is the scoop.
Stu & O.T. are two studs from the big city who arrive in Fort Lauderdale for spring break. They discover that the room they had reserved in an over-crowded motel is already being occupied by Nelson & Adam, a pair of college-nerds. With no other accommodations available, Nelson & Adam reluctantly agree to share the room with Stu & O.T., who promise to show them a good time. The wet-T-shirt contests and beer-guzzling-fun are threatened when Nelson's controlling step-dad shows up, along with a building inspector who wants to shut down the motel.Starring David Knell, Perry Lang, Paul Land, Steve Bassett and Jessica James.
Can wait for this its been a long time, I was even going to look for this on VHS just to watch it again. I'm sure I have not seen this since 1984.


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