Look its the back side of water.

Ok so here is an odd Disney post. Weird Al just released his new song "Skipper Dan" and pokes great fun of the Jungle Cruse. The song actually is really catchy and the video is really cool. The down fall is your going to have to follow the link to the video. Youtube will not allow you to encode it here. So I will try to upload it for you but if it does not work just head over to here "Weird Al Skipper Dan" . What I find humorous in this whole thing is on one of the podcast's I listen to one of the host's goes by Skipper Ben. Here is the rest of the info for you. Weird Al's new single from the "Internet Leaks" collection. Video directed by Divya Srinivasan.

"Skipper Dan" is available RIGHT NOW on:


Walmart MP3!

...and everywhere else that mp3s are sold!
And the video is available on iTunes too!

Also, don't forget to watch for Weird Al In "H2" this summer. Yep, he as a role in Rob Zombies Halloween 2!


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