Broke down and paid for an app today.

Pocket Guy for the IPhone is a simple app. You really don't do much in this app its more like a screen saver. With a few updates Pocket guy now has a dog and a neighbour named Arnold they share a connecting roof. Arnold has not stopped buy yet I'm still waiting. The web site claims a female named Karen is coming soon as well. You can drag Pocket Guy around his house allowing him to interact with the elements around him. Other wise leave him be. He walk around the house himself and go about his day. Their is no objective just the idea of having a Friend trapped in your phone.

With that said their really is no need for a pocket friend other then to kill time and make your friends laugh at the craziness trapped in my phone. I'm sure my wife will be asking why. This is a 99 cent app and at that price its really up to the buyer. I have spent a buck on worse things.

The sound for the game is done well. From brushing teeth to drinking a can of soda even the the TV sounds good. The graphics are done nice and I'm sure with updates things will get better. You can change allot of the things through out the house. Press a picture on the wall and it will become another photo and so one.

So why did this grab my eye, it reminded me of screen saver that was out way back in the early 90's. I think it was called Humorous Harry. It was a man trapped on an Island and he would do thing's at random. I was hopping for that here and did not get it. Who knows maybe the next holiday something new will pop up. This app is fun for 10 minutes and then its off to the next thing.
Bottom line I look forward to updates maybe add in some holiday theme and the day turn to night. For a dollar I will turn it on from now and then and find my self chuckling at Pocket Guy. In other words it gets a thumbs up.


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