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Nothing is better than opening the mail box to have 3 trades show up at your door. Its like Christmas or your birthday it so much fun. If you are not trading on line by now what is wrong with you. We have been doing it for over 2 years now. But today was one of the odd mixes to show up. First "My Name Is Bruce" people must really hate this movie. By the time, I could add it my wish list their where 12 in front of me. That was 3 months ago! I love this movie but not enough to pay more than 10 bucks for it so when I added it I felt I would find it for 10 dollars long before I would score it for a DVD I did not like. Here is the story...
Cult film and TV star Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice) lampoons his own B-movie legacy with My Name is Bruce, an agreeably goofy horror-comedy which pits him--well, a version of him, anyway--against a malevolent Asian spirit in order to save a die-hard fan. Campbell also directed Bruce, and brings a loose, kitchen-sink vibe to the proceedings, which has teenager and die-hard Bruce Campbell fan Jeff (Taylor Sharp) kidnap his idol in order to save his small town from an ancient Chinese demon. Unfortunately, the movie Bruce Campbell is a broken-down, booze-swilling reprobate who lacks even an ounce of the insouciant charm of his screen persona in Evil Dead 2 or the Hercules series, and proves woefully inadequate in dispelling the monster. But as films ranging from Cat Ballou and My Favorite Year to Galaxy Quest and Three Amigos! have proven, the unwavering belief of a fan can bring out the hero in even the worst heel, and Bruce rises to the occasion in the picture's final third. Obviously, Bruce is slated towards fans of Campbell's eccentric screen c.v., and aficionados will undoubtedly appreciate the endless slew of nods to his previous films, as well as cameos by many of his co-stars, including Ted Raimi in multiple roles (one of which is a Chinese gentleman that gives Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's a run for his money in the stereotype department). Campbell himself remains the movie's chief selling point; his knack for physical humor (read: self-abuse) and pulpy line readings have lost none of their charm, which does much to override some of the flick's flotilla of stale gags.
I also can't wait to watch this again with the Audio Commentary with Bruce Campbell. He was very entertaining on the Evil Dead DVDs this should be good. It's to bad the Ted Rami was not on the audio track as well. So if you are a Bruce fan like me this is a must watch, If you follow his career at all you will get allot of the inside jokes, this is an odd film with no budget but again well worth it. Next up...

I received the CD Soundtrack for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This powerhouse CD is long out of print. This fell through the cracks for me after watching the movie I knew this was CD worthwhile. Well as I sit here writing this I just might be wrong. I forgot about those band's that yell... Allot. Unlike Freddy vs Jason, this CD only has a few good songs. Anyway it's going for $24.56 on eBay so if it doses not get better I can always sell. For now, I will sit just fine in the man cave with the rest of my Horror collection.
And now the odd CD that came.
My bed bugs was a TV show Ella found at one time and really got into it. So when somebody posted the CD I figured what his heck why not. This CD is really a lot of fun with great big hits like We're rock stars, Goody's Time Machine, and I'm a little Teapot. You would file this with the Veggie Tales and almost as fun. Hey, girls like and that's OK by me. Besides Hanna Montana is running thin!


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