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More fun than games.

1983 | Color | 1 Hr 28 Min | Comedy | R | Jenson Farly Pictures
Director:  Greydon Clark

Writers:  Al Gomez Mickey Epps

Stars:  Joe Don Baker Leif Green Jim Greenleaf

When a top local businessman and his two bumbling nephews try to shut down the town's only video arcade, arcade employees and patrons fight back.

Oh, man, Greydon Clark has given us a few great cult classics like Black Shampoo, Satin's Cheerleaders, and teaming up with Joe Don Baker right after this movie in Final Justice tried to capture the 80's arcade scene but run's out of quarters rather quickly. Moves like this are meant to be senseless fun with gorgeous girls half naked running around jock's being jocks and nerds taking over and with that this film delivers. But...

... the actor's, story and idea fall short fast making a timepiece like this a waste of time. And poor Joe Don Baker takes the lead idiot role that really dumb's down his portfolio. For me, the big selling …

More on 34 2018

Man, I have not done a pickup post in a long time but its that time again where we jump in the car and drive for miles upon miles of garage sale goodness! It's More On 34, here in LaSalle County its a long stretch of road that ties Chicago with the small town's. Now, it takes us 15 minutes or so to jump on and we live in the middle so every year we have to choose what direction to go and that is always the hard part. This year we went towards the city.

This year my daughter was out to find anything Broadway and she currently loves picking up old musicals on vinyl so here we go!

Twenty-Eight records later and taking me off the beaten path because she saw a sign that said records her mission was accomplished! And I was shocked most of them were in really good condition if it was not for the musty covers I would say the records are in mint condition.
So of my favorites...

We already played and converted Its a small world to digital format with no scratches at all! I could not wa…

...Fear is the Message!

When A Stranger Calls
1979 | Color | 1 Hr 30 Min | Horror | R | Melvin Simon Production

Fred Walton

Writers:  Steve Feke Fred Walton

Carol Kane
Charles Durning
Rutanya Alda

Synopsis: High school student Jill Johnson is traumatized over an evening of babysitting by a caller who repeatedly asks, "Have you checked the children lately?" After notifying the police, Jill is told that the calls are coming from inside the house...

Holy shit the opening 20 minutes of When a Stranger Calls is brilliant and I can see why Wes Craven wrote his love letter Scream based on those first moments. The tension you feel comes off so strong thanks to Carol Kane who keeps you holding your breath the minute the phone rings! When a Stranger Calls is brilliant.

Fred Walton was no stranger to Thrillers dropping many great tiles onto us like April Fool's Day, The Rosary Murders, and of course, the sequel to this gem When A Stranger Call's Back He twists our minds and chill'…

Tonight on Svengoolie The Night Walker!

The Night Walker
1964 | B&W | 1Hr 26 Minutes | Horror | NR | Castle Production

Director: William Castle

Writer: Robert Bloch

Robert Taylor
Barbara Stanwyck
Judi Meredith

A woman is haunted by recurring nightmares, which seem to be instigated by her late husband who supposedly was killed in a fire.

Director William Castle originally offered the role of Irene Trent to Joan Crawford (an old friend of Stanwyck's) who declined as she was already committed to appearing in Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964). Night Walker will also go on to be Barbara Stanwyck's last feature film.

“Night Walker” hits its stride tonight at 10 pm eastern/Pacific, 9 central/mountain, and, if unsure who runs Sven in your area, please check those local listings and/ or the “where to watch” tab at Chicago area viewers get a second run of Man Made Monster on WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

Camp Wish List

If you are feeling little generous and would like the help out there is still time just follow this link for our wish list all items will then be sent directly to camp! As always thank you for supporting Steve and I and well over 200 campers and volunteers make a difference one week per year.

Happy 43 Birthday Bruce!

Thanks for scaring the poop out of me!

THE TOUCH OF DEATH! Tonight On Svengoolie!

Man-Made Monster

1941 | B&W | 59 Min | Drama Horror | PG | Universal
Director:  George Waggner

Writers:  Harry Essex  Sid Schwartz

Stars:  Lionel Atwill Lon Chaney Jr. Anne Nagel 
"Big Dan" McCormick is the sole survivor of a bus crash into hydro lines. 5 others were electrocuted. Intrigued by Dan's apparent immunity to electricity, Dr. John Lawrence, distinguished elector-biologist, asks Dan to visit him at his laboratory, where Lawrence's assistant, Dr. Paul Rigas, is secretly conducting experiments to prove his theory that human life can be motivated and controlled by electricity. Rigas persuades Dan to submit to tests, where Dan absorbs increasingly powerful charges until he develops an amazing degree of immunity, and becomes a walking hulk of electricity. Rigas does a final test of pouring a tremendous charge into Dan's body, and Dan becomes superhuman and his body glows. He is also a robot that is controlled by Rigas. When Lawrence tries to stop the exper…

Call Of The Cthulhu Trailer

It was a year ago since we last heard from CYANIDE's upcoming Lovecraftian horror RPG Call Of Cthulhu. Now the game is back at E3 with a new trailer as private investigator Edward Pierce struggles to distinguish between reality, madness, and the horrific supernatural as he uncovers the mysteries of Darkwater Island. The trailer looks amazing but the first person view will keep me from playing. Check it out and let me know what you think. Pretty sure this was the best looking game to come out of E3 so far.

An electrifying experience - you won't believe your eyes!

trilogy of terror
1975 | Color | 1 Hr 12 Min | Horror | R | ABC Circle Films

Director: Dan Curtis
William F. Nolan (teleplay)
Richard Matheson (story)

Stars:  Karen Black Robert Burton John Karlen 

Synopsis:  Three stories are interwoven together. The first, about a college student infatuated with his teacher. The second, a paranoid tale of two sisters - one good, the other evil, and the third about an African tribal doll that comes to life and terrorizes a woman in her apartment.

So a few weeks ago I asked one of my Camp buddies what he has been watching lately and Jacob kind of shocked me saying to check out Trilogy of Terror and its sequel that I will happy dust off my VHS copy soon and watch that one next. What surprised me the most was that I have never seen this one yet and let's face it it's a pretty popular tile in the horror movie world.  And with Dan Curtis yelling action along with William F Nolan I knew I was in for a treat. 

First off Nolan is a legend in…

When Animals Attack

When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies with Killer Animals by Vanessa Morgan & B.L. Daniels and Moonlight Creek Publishing

The definitive horror movie guide for fans of killer animals and “revenge of nature” films.

When Animals Attack: The 70 Best Horror Movies with Killer Animals provides a fascinating and entertaining insight into the cinematographic world of animals on the rampage. From well-known predators such as sharks and lions to unusual killing machines like turkeys, elephants, frogs, cats, and rabbits, there is no shortage of the species on display in this book.

Leading horror writers and filmmakers present their favorite “animals attack” films through in-depth essays. Some of the films are touching, some are repulsive, and some are just plain silly. Not all of these horror movies line up with the critical consensus, yet they have one thing in common: they have made the heart of the writer beat faster with excitement.

From Jaws to Snakes on a Plane with …