More on 34 2018

Man, I have not done a pickup post in a long time but its that time again where we jump in the car and drive for miles upon miles of garage sale goodness! It's More On 34, here in LaSalle County its a long stretch of road that ties Chicago with the small town's. Now, it takes us 15 minutes or so to jump on and we live in the middle so every year we have to choose what direction to go and that is always the hard part. This year we went towards the city.

This year my daughter was out to find anything Broadway and she currently loves picking up old musicals on vinyl so here we go!

Twenty-Eight records later and taking me off the beaten path because she saw a sign that said records her mission was accomplished! And I was shocked most of them were in really good condition if it was not for the musty covers I would say the records are in mint condition.
So of my favorites...

We already played and converted Its a small world to digital format with no scratches at all! I could not wait for the sounds of Bunch-of- Banjos thinking it was tongue and check, sadly it was really just banjoed music. So what did I pick up this year...

Ok had to snag this bad boy and at 1.00 (yeah I bundled to get it lower shame on me) just to bring to camp its all there so I can not wait to jump into the old west.

Retro games are getting harder to find in the wild as it has become the big thing so sadly this was all I found that I needed anyway. I did pick up a loose MVP College Baseball for the PS2 as well. I did do alright with the movies tho...

As you can see a few musicals in the mix courtesy of you know who the good news movies have come way down in price Insidious for example was a quarter and nothing was over a dollar! But let's talk about those Horror Block exclusives!

Like Argento's Dracula! This movie has been talked about lately in the horror circles including the Shock Waves podcast. So looking forward to sinking my teeth into this one.

Ok, not so sure what this is but if it has Eli Roth's name on it you have to pick it up! Will be digging into this soon.

And this, this glorious version of Night Of The Living Dead sealed form Horror Blocks!! I can never pass up on a copy of this movie and when I looked at its value I about died! This bad boy is fetching 40 or more opened not much for flipping but thinking about it.

And that's about it sadly we did not go too far it was 107 degrees outside! So we only stayed out for a few hours and headed home. Oh and not pictured I picked up a VHS player for twenty-five cents.


  1. Wow, you found some gems out there! "Only stayed out for a few hours" because it was 107 degrees -- man, I wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes in that heat!

  2. I have not heard great things about that Oregon Trail game.

    What else is on the Disney album? I mean there has to be something other than two full sides of It's a Small World, right?

    1. Well Dex it is the whole ride naratied so sadly it is only Small World :) As for Oregon Trail I will have to let you know bring it to camp to play on a hot day.


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