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See Teenage Girls Thrust Into the Weird Pulsating Cage of Horror!

Teenage Zombie
1959 | B&W | 73 min | Horror | Unrated | Horror
Don Sullivan(also in The Gaint Gila Monster of the same year)
Katherine Victor (who later worked for Disney)
Steve Conte
Brianne Murphy

Director: Jerry Warren (Frankenstein Island & The Wild World of Batwoman)

Writer: Jerry Warren

DVD Extras:N/A

Story: While boating, a quartet of teens, Reg , Skip, Julie, and Pam, accidentally discover an island run by a mad scientist named Doctor Myra who intends to turn everyone in the Untied States into a Zombie. The teenagers become trapped on the island and are temporarily imprisoned in cages. They are freed when other teenagers arrive with the sheriff (who turns out to be in league with Doctor Myra). A complicated fight scene serves as the climax, in which a de-zombified gorilla arrives just in time to attack Dr. Myra's henchmen and allow the teens to escape. When they are safely back on the mainland, it is implied that the teens will receive a reward for discov…