VHS Cover Love for May Monster Madness

 I love this cover wish I could find one for my collection.

Yeah now that song is stuck in your head! I have never seen this looks like something to dig for.

Just wanted to add some action into your day.

So I know I have not done to much with VHS Wednesday's in a while I promise I will get to Different Strokes soon. Make sure you are checking out all of the other bloggers as we celebrate May Monster Madness.


  1. Good Sir... we at the "Crypt" post mostly "horror" anyway... and we have enjoyed seeing what "May Monsters" that the other blogs are posting... a great day to you and yours... the Doctor

  2. I have never heard of Black Sabbath starring Boris Karloff.
    I am going to hunt for it like crazy now though.

    Thank you for sharing : )

    My MMM post for today - The Ghoul

    Enjoy your day.


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