Music Monday Groovin' With the Hammer

Going a different route today for Music Monday. Going to get a little groovy for the May Monster Madness Blog hop! This song has been in my head sense Halloween when a few of us swap Music Mix Cd's. Have fun and make sure to check over 50 Blogs doing the hop this week.


  1. Nice! I like a little music thrown in the mix.

  2. Oh my god! I didn't even know he had done this! It even had me boppin' along! Thanks mate!
    Here's my day III MMM at Design du Jour.

  3. Bwhahahaha! Loved this!
    Here's my MMM'S for today Carmen Jenner Author and Book Me!
    Happy Hopping! =D

  4. Hahaha! Love this song. It's on my Ipod. ;) Check out my blog for MMM! :)

  5. Great video! I remember this song from the movie credits, but I hadn't seen this. Wow, it really brings me back. I loved seeing MC Hammer dancing around, singing headless, fencing, etc.


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