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Things you never said before or even dreamed of!

The Black Cat
1934 | B&W | 65 Minutes | 1.37.1 | UR | Horror | Mono | Universal

Director: Edgar G. Ulmer

Edgar Allan Poe
Peter Ruric

Stars:  Boris Karloff Bela Lugosi David Manners
Honeymooning in Hungary, Joan and Peter Allison share their train compartment with Dr. Vitus Verdegast, a courtly but tragic man who is returning to the remains of the town he defended before becoming a prisoner of war for fifteen years. When their hotel-bound bus crashes in a mountain storm and Joan is injured, the travellers seek refuge in the home, built fortress-like upon the site of a bloody battlefield, of famed architect Hjalmar Poelzig. There, cat-phobic Verdegast learns his wife's fate, grieves for his lost daughter, and must play a game of chess for Allison's life.

“The Black Cat” prowls across your TV screen on MeTV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 pm central, or please check your local listings for the time in your area. In Chicago, Sven viewers can get another look at t…

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving May it be filled with family and friends, And not so much shopping on this day. I'm pretty sure this is my last post for a bit as I gear up for Creempas.

Happy Thanksgiving Music Monday

You'll be so scared - You'll laugh yourself silly!

The Ghost And Mr. Chicken
1966 | Color | 90 Minutes | 1.37.1 | G | Family | Mono | Universal

Directed by
Alan Rafkin

Writing Credits James Fritzell
Everett Greenbaum
Andy Griffith (uncredited)
Don Knot
Joan Staley
Liam Redmond
Dick Sargent
Reta Shaw
Lurene Tuttle
Philip Ober
Charles Lane
Luther Heggs aspires to being a reporter for his small town newspaper, the Rachel Courier Express. He gets his big break when the editor asks him to spend the night at the Simmons mansion that, 20 years before, was the site of a now famous murder-suicide. The case has aroused local interest not only because of the anniversary but due to the fact that the family heir, Nick Simmons, has returned to Rachel aiming to tear the mansion down. Luther's account of his wild, ghost-ridden night in the house leads Simmons to sue for libel, but with the aid of his friend Kelsey they determine what exactly happened that night long ago and the identity of the real killer.

This 1966 horror-co…

Marvel's Phase 3!

Official Phase 3 timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel!! Man DC better get off their ass and get it moving.

In the mean time how about some Guardians of the Galxy Dance off

Lucio Fulci's The Beyond see's Blu

Grindhouse Releasing has announced that they will release on Blu-ray director Lucio Fulci's The Beyond (1981), starring Catriona MacColl, David Warbeck, Cinzia Monreale, and Veronica Lazar. The super-deluxe three-disc special edition Blu-ray will be available for purchase on February 10, 2015.                                                                                                                    A young woman from New York named Liza (Katherine MacColl) inherits a Louisiana motel that has been unoccupied for nearly 60 years. While restoring the old building, many of the workers meet mysterious and untimely deaths, each more ill-fated than the next. Furthermore, Liza is visited by a blind specter named Emily (Sarah Keller) who lectures from a 4,000-year-old book of collected prophecies that explains the motel is situated above one of seven portals to hell. As her sanity dwindles, Liza finds some much-needed stability in a local doctor named John McCabe (David Warbeck),…

Music Monday November edition

Digging in.

It's time to dig up a good movie. Any suggestions?

To have seen it is to wear a badge of courage!

1931 | B&W | 70 Minutes | 1.37.1 | UR | Horror | Mono | Universal
Director: James Whale

Writers:  John L. Balderston   Mary Shelley 
Stars:  Colin Clive Mae Clarke Boris Karloff
Henry Frankenstein is a brilliant scientist who has been conducting experiments on the re-animation of lifeless bodies. He has conducted experiments on small animals and is now ready to create life in a man he has assembled from body parts he has been collecting from various sites such as graveyards or the gallows. His fiancĂ©e Elizabeth and friend Victor Moritz are worried about his health as he spends far too many hours in his laboratory on his experiments. He's successful and the creature he's made come to life is gentle but clearly afraid of fire. Henry's father, Baron Frankenstein, bring his son to his senses and Henry agrees that the monster should be humanely destroyed. Before they can do so however, the monster escapes and in its innocence, kills a little girl. The villagers ri…

#MakingCreepmas Image Challenge

Ok so I really enjoy using Instagram and Twitter so I think I'm going to give this a shot. Seems like some fun on the side while posting here for Creepmas. I think I need to start planning now. So make sure to follow me @mda4life

Creepmas is coming!

The Man Cave is gearing up for Creepmas! Stay tuned to for more info in the mean time enjoy  "Christmas Zombie" by Al Mothersbaugh.

Charles Band announces Green Friday

I can't say enough good things about Full Moon Streaming other then you get a free week and 10 bucks! Nice thank you Uncle Charley you just gave horror fans a reason not to fight the crowds!

It comes to life!

The Mummy 
1932 | B&W | 73 Minutes | 1.37.1 | UR | Horror | Mono | Universal
Director:  Karl Freund

Writers:  Nina Wilcox Putnam   Richard Schayer
Stars:  Boris Karloff Zita Johann David Manners 
In 1921 a team of British archaeologists led by Sir Joseph Whemple uncovers the 3700 year old mummy of Imhotep. When one young archaeologist opens the scroll of Thoth, he goes delirious and the Mummy comes to life. 10 years later Sir Joseph returns with his son Frank. Unknown to them, the Mummy now exists as the mysterious Egyptian, Ardath Bay, who helps the expedition uncover the tomb of his ancient love. He then uses his mystic powers mesmerize the reincarnation of his lost love in the form of Helen Grosvenor. When Sir Joseph interferes he mysteriously dies. Frank Whemple, with the help of Dr. Muller, attempts to discover the key to Ardath Bay's powers and get Helen back.
“The Mummy” starts tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, (or, check local listings where you live) on MeTV. …

Tusk hits Blu

Lionsgate has set Kevin Smith’s Tusk for Blu-ray and DVD release on 12/30. Extras will include deleted scenes, audio commentary with writer/director Kevin Smith, 2 featurettes (20 Years to Tusk and The Making of Tusk), and the SModcast #259: The Walrus and The Carpenter.

Is it to early

So yesterday we watched the Snoopy's Thanksgiving Special. Was shocked when we found it on the Roku Channel Digital Drive in. I may even break down and watch the Jetsons Christmas Carol and well as Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol. I'm not sure how the channel has them so we want to watch before they go away.
I was so upset on Halloween night to learn that Hallmark Channel started running their Christmas Shows that night. Why they could not just wait a few hours for November 1st is beyond me.
I want to take a moment to thank everybody who stopped by this Halloween and I can't wait to join in on Creepmas this year.

A Reign Of HORROR... a man-made monster on the loose!

Black Friday
1940 | B&W | 70 Minutes | 1.37.1 | PG | Horror | Mono | Universal

Director: Arthur Lubin

Writers: Curt Siodmak

Boris Karloff
Bela Lugosi
Stanley Ridges
Anne Nagel
When his friend Professor Kingsley is at deaths door, brain surgeon Dr. Sovac saves his life by means of an illegal operation that transplants part of injured gangster Red Cannon's brain. Unfortunately, the operation has a disastrous Jeckll and Hyde side effect and under certain conditions the persona of Cannon emerges. Sovac soon learns of the duel personality and of half a million dollars the gangster has hidden away. He attempts to find the money through the manipulation of his friend, an attempt that brings Kingsley closer to madness as he alternates between a meek professor of English and a brutal gangster out for murderous revenge on those who tried to kill him.

This is a really fascinating film- we’ll reveal how some of the original casting changed, and give you some cast …