Virgin Hunters 2

Virgin Hunters 2
2016 | Color | 1 Hour 24 Minutes | Sci-Fi  | R | Full Moon

Director: Cybil Richards

Writer: Cybil Richards

Jerry Banks
Drew Berrymore
Amber Newman

The Hunt is On in the Year 2099 in This Sequel to the Mega-hit Scifi Sex Romp, Virgin Hunters! Unsatisfied by Her Lex 500 Sex Robot, Mega-conglomerate Overlord and Supreme Commander of the World Alliance, Camella Swales, Has Banned All Forms of Sex. the Future is a Serene and Productive Place, But No One is Getting It On! the Government Has Laced the Food With Passion Suppressants, and the World is Full of Virgins. Enter the Alterrians: an Erotic Race of Virgin Hunting Sexual Predators. They've Come to Earth With One Thing On Their Minds, and They Won't Let a Worldwide Ban On Sex Stop Them from Enjoying Their Vacation. Teaming Up With Beth, Their Human Companion and Nymph in Training, the Virgin Hunters Set Out On an Orgasmic Mission of Galactic Proportions. Will They Overcome the Tepid Masses and Teach Humanity to Lust Again?

When Full Moon announced this movie and called the first one a cult classic I was all about checking it out. Virgin Hunters was a fun silly movie about sex being illegal. You can check out that review here. As for the sequel they went a completely different direction. Sadly it was nowhere near as much fun...

So once again a group of aliens wants to take a vacation to the exotic planet earth to have sex in all these wonderful locations. Ok fine, I will go with that but when they get here and nobody is or as ever had sex we get this odd plot about how sex is good and we should all be doing it. I don't know, I just do not know how to write this, ugh.

The locations look like a cheap porn flick from the early '80s and the outfits from the local salvation army. You just never get drawn in but sadly it was not the point. This movie was just a cheap rip off of a Cinemax after dark movie but even those have to look better than this.

The cast is ok but they are made up of a group of adult entertainers so they knew their way around each other's bodies. So they were easy to watch just the material they had was pointless and horrible. The soundtrack was odd 80's synth pop that just does not fit in at all. 

I always look to Full Moon movies to put me in a good mood when I just want some silly fun. The first Virgin Hunters were fun to watch where the sequel fall's really short. The sex is boring the location's sucked and the cast was uncomfortable and sadly they are making a third one. I'm sorry to say skip this in the worst way. Sausage Party was better than this one and that is sad. 

One Bloody Brain

Make sure to check out Virgin Hunter by clicking HERE hint it was much better than this.