War and Peace In A Magical Way

So most pre-teens have idols like Justin Beiber or One Direction where you listen to the music endlessly with dreamy eyes. I know I wore out my fair share of cassettes and records back in the day. But for my daughter, it is all about Hamilton! To the point that we are all getting a little tired of hearing the music ourselves. Anyway this year she just had to go as Eliza from the play. Luckily my wife found this perfect dress at an antique shop and old lantern and some gloves that she forgot to wear. Her life is consumed by Hamilton and let me tell you there could be worse things. One thing about the musical would be its based on history and on Halloween Night we touched a little bit of that. 

My wife's coworker has a husband that collects antiques so in other words he had a book from Alexander Hamiltons personal library and it was signed by the man himself! And we were allowed to see it.

It was such a magical moment hearing how he obtained the book and all the work he has put into it like sending a piece of hair he found in it for DNA testing. But then he told us about how it was at the Hamilton museum and how Lin-Manuel Miranda touched and held this book just like she was. That moment was so priceless I thought she was going to cry with joy. You just do not get to do things like this in such a small town! 

Of course, I did make a small video of the night please give it a thumbs up if you watch it, and I hope the heart warming moment comes through for all of you to see. Thanks again.


  1. I can't believe you barbarians are touching history without wearing gloves! What is the world coming to?? :D

  2. That is so awesome! Thank you for telling me about this post. I'm very into history and can't even imagine getting to see that signature first hand. Your daughter is a very lucky girl, and I can tell she knows it. :) So, I want to know about the DNA test results! Any news on that? How did the owner of this book obtain it?

  3. Amazing! What a memorable moment for your daughter to remember the rest of her life!


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