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Wow, what a great night! Halloween in the 70's was crazy, and yet I still do not believe in global warming. In fact, it's so odd that its November 2nd and on the 1st is when we say it is ok to turn on the heat and here I sit with the windows wide open. I'm truly in love with this fall. So back to Halloween just wanted to jump on and share a few pictures with you guys. I plan on doing some writing today and have a few post's up for the week.

So this year my oldest was heavily inspired by Hamilton and just had to go as Eliza. My youngest wanted to be a monster and a cute one at that. More to follow on Ella's trip into the Hamilton world later this week.

So what do you do when one of your girls is getting older? You take the whole Sixth Grade girls with you I guess that's what happened to me anyway.

Walking around on Halloween can sometimes feel like Comic Con and you just have to take your picture with Baymax.

 And one of our big traditions is heading to all the teachers house's in the area thankfully we live pretty close to most of them.

The Sixth Graders with there teacher.

My goal today is to work on the Halloween video along with about 100 other things so watch for that later this week. I sure hope everybody had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. Looks like yours had a fun time...
    and like the one girl's "Joker" ... A belated Happy Halloween...

  2. How fun! It's great to see a bunch of kids having a good time!

  3. Nice video in that movie trailer style! That will make for a nice memory you can hold onto. Everyone looked cute!

  4. Awesome! It was mid-40s here around Salem on Halloween night. Coldest it's been in quite a while but I don't mind the low temps, my costume keeps me pretty warm.

  5. AWESOME costumes; AWESOME video! Love the credits at the end -- "Production Designer: Nobody"


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