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The Legends who took down Bonnie and Clyde.

The Highwaymen
2019 | R | 2 Hr 12 Min | Crime | Universal

Director: John Lee Hancock

Writer: John Fusco

Kevin Costner
Woody Harrelson
Kathy Bates
Synopsis: In 1934, Frank Hamer and Manny Gault, two former Texas Rangers, are commissioned to put an end to the wave of vicious crimes perpetrated by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, a notorious duo of infamous robbers and cold-blooded killers who nevertheless are worshiped by the public.

Fire-up the crock pot once again for this Costner, Harrelson trip down memory lane that is a slow burner The Highwaymen. This incredibly slow flick stands tall at 2 Hours and 12 long minutes. And sadly at times, you feel all of it sitting on your shoulders as you learn the back story of these two men. 

I love period pieces like this the early 30s and 40s fascinate me so when the trailer dropped for The Highwaymen on Netflix I was super excited. All though Bonnie and Clyde are the backdrops, how can things go wrong?  For starters the lackluster storyl…

More Cowbell?

Going to do something a little bit different today, going to take a look at the career of an old bandmate Drummer José Medeles. Jose has toured the world with rock star Kim Deal and The Breeders and played drums to back up the late great Joey Ramone. But La Salle native has gained almost as much fame from his second career as from his lifelong work as a performer.

Just over a decade ago, Jose abandoned the life of the touring musician. Without a job lined up, he moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Ore., for the sole purpose of being a good family man. Soon after the move, he opened Revival Drum Shop on a suggestion from his wife. They really never know who might walk through their door. Sometimes it’s members of garage bands and novices, and frequently it’s a rock star, such as Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Medeles said about the high points of his career, were touring the world with the Breeders and backing up Joey Ramone and other great artists for almost two decades. …

What the Hell...

It's going to snow today! It's already hard enough to swerve past all those potholes.

Tonight on Svengoolie

The Son Of Dr. Jekyll
1955 | PG | 1 Hr 55 Min | Horror | Columbia Pictures

Director: Seymour Friedman

Writers: Mortimer Braus and Jack Pollexfen

Stars: Louis Hayward, Jody Lawrance, Alexander Knox
Edward Jekyll, ignorant of how his father had brought forth death and destruction with his experiments, is pursuing a chemist career despite the fact that he has been discharged from school or his unorthodox experimentations. When the time comes for his father's estate, which had been put in trust, Edward first learns of his father's actions and rather than ignore the matter, sets out to prove that human personality can be changed by certain chemical stimulations. But he hasn't reckoned on Dr. Curtis Lanyon, a prominent doctor and close friend of the family. Lanyon wants to get his hands on the estate and resorts to murder and frame-ups to make Edward appear to be as insane as his father.

"Son of Dr. Jekyll" makes his appearance tonight on MeTV at 8pm eastern/Pacific, 7 …

Critters A New Binge Review!

Critters A New Binge
2019 | TV-MA | 8 Episodes | Horror | Shudder

Joey Morgan Stephi Chin-Salvo Bzhaun Rhoden
Synopsis: Pursued by intergalactic bounty hunters, the Critters return to Earth on a secret mission and encounter Christopher, a lovelorn high-schooler, his best friend Charlie, his crush Dana, and his mom Veronica – whose past will come back to bite them. Who will survive? And who will be eaten?

Nearly 30 years after the last installment in the franchise  Critters 4 (you know that space one) Yeah nobody remembers that one but we sure remember part 3 and its star Leonardo DiCaprio. Critters a New Binge takes place after that one leaving us to wonder did number 4 really happen?  This time those lovable Crites are back with a brand new Shudder Original Series from director Jordan Rubin (Zombeavers). Made up of eight episodes, the very first Critters TV series actually runs shorter than even the shortest film in the franchise, making for a binge event that’ll take just over…

Today In Music

Fifty-five years ago today The Supremes recorded "Where Did Our Love Go." The song was their first No. 1 single. This version was ranked No' 472 on Rolling Stone 's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

In 1971 Chicago became the first rock group to sell out a week of shows at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

1975 - Aerosmith released "Toys in the Attic." and on the same day in 1979 - Aerosmith began their "Night In The Rut Tour" in Los Angeles, CA.  April seems to be a good month for the band. 

April 5,1994 Electrician Gary Smith who was working at Kurt Cobain's house in Seattle discovered Cobain's body lying on the floor in the greenhouse. Local radio station KXRX broke the news at 9.40am that the Nirvana singer and guitarist was dead. A shotgun was found next to Cobain's body. A suicide note was found that said, "I haven't felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, along with really writing . . . f…

Sunday Funnies Spring

So this weekend at work kicks off Spring with a huge sale because here in Illinois it is still cold but hey let us get out there and sell some plants, mulch, and topsoil that is still frozen to the pallet.

House of Dracula Tonight on Svengoolie

House of Dracula
1945 | PG | 1 Hr 7 Min | Horror | Universal

Director: Erle C. Kenton

Writer: Edward T. Lowe Jr.

Stars: Onslow Stevens, John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr.

Dracula arrives at Dr. Edelman's office asking for a cure to his vampirism. However, this is a ruse by Dracula to get near Dr. Edelman's beautiful female assistant and turn her into a vampire. Meanwhile, a sincere Lawrence Talbot, AKA the Wolfman, arrives seeking a cure for his lycanthropy. When Dr. Edelman's first attempt fails, Talbot tries to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff but instead finds a network of underground caves where Frankensteins Monster is in stasis. Chaos ensues as the three monsters fight for dominance of each other.

Also in Horror Host News, the world lost another great to a Heart Attack Cleveland Ohio's "The Ghoul" played by Ron Sweed. Sweed passed away on Monday, after a five-month-long battle with heart problems. He was 70.
To his many friends, there were few with mo…

They're not staying down there, anymore!

1984 | R | 1 Hr 28 Min | Horror | New World Pictures

Director: Douglas Cheek

Writers: Parnell Hall (screenplay), Shepard Abbott (story)

Stars: John Heard, Daniel Stern, Christopher Curry
Synopsis: A rash of bizarre murders in New York City seems to point to a group of grotesquely deformed vagrants living in the sewers. A courageous policeman, a photojournalist, and his girlfriend, and a nutty bum, who seems to know a lot about the creatures, band together to try and determine what the creatures are and how to stop them.

Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller was just the right amount of 80s cheese to kick off the new Last Drive-In series on Shudder staring Joe Bo Briggs. 

And all though Joe Bob shocked the fans with such a low 2-star rating I'm here to say C.H.U.D. is still a fun little 80s cult classic. Back in July of 2018 Joe Bob and Shudder broke the internet bringing back the show for what was assumed to be a 24-hour marathon one-off, hence its title, The Last Drive…

Raw-dogging? Nope Just A Shrill Review

2019 | TV-MA | 6 Episodes | Comedy | Hulu

Creators:  Aidy Bryant Alexandra Rushfield Lindy West

Stars:  Aidy Bryant Lolly Adefope Luka Jones
Synopsis: Annie is a full-figured woman who wants to change her life -- but not her body; she is trying to start her career while juggling bad boyfriends, a sick parent, and a perfectionist boss.

This Hulu dramedy stars Aidy Bryant (HBO's Girls) as an overweight woman figuring out which indignities she will accept and which she will reject in a world that prizes thin bodies. I hate the term Binge Worthy but Shrill is just that. 

Shrill is a smart and funny show about an overweight 20-something writer navigating self-esteem issues so deeply ingrained she doesn't always seem to recognize they're there.  We see her bending over backward to excuse the disappointing behavior of her friend with benefits Ryan, a bearded slacker who makes her leave through the back door of his house so his roommates won't see her. And her high-stru…

Saints of Los Angeles

The Dirt
2019 | R | 1 Hr 47 Min | Drama | Netflix

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Writers: Amanda Adelson

Stars:  Douglas Booth Iwan Rheon Daniel Webber
Synopsis: The story of Mötley Crüe and their rise from the Sunset Strip club scene of the early 1980s to superstardom.

Love it or hate it Glam Metal/ Hair Bands were all the rage in the '80s and for me an amazing time in music to grow up with. Even though I was not much of a Crue fan The Dirt was a fun watch and a nice little trip down memory lane. 

This was meant to be a fun trip down memory lane and by the sound of it, most critics seem to be panning The Dirt. I think for the most part they are missing the point. The Crue was a loud and obnoxious group that partied harder than most glam bands of the time. For me, The Dirt was pure entertainment to its fullest. No, it's not Bohemian Rhapsody but nobody intends for it to be. But like the Queen biopic, the cast was pretty spot on. Douglas Booth stars as bassist Nikki Sixx, Iwan Rheon as l…

Wild Thing!

On April 1st, 1966 The Troggs recorded 'Wild Thing' at Regent Sound Studio in London. The song went on to be a No.1 hit in the US and No.2 UK hit in June the following year. The track was recorded in one complete take. Wild Thing is still a classic today.

And of course on this day 1970 as an April fool's joke John Lennon and Yoko Ono issued a statement to the press that they were having dual sex change operations. 

And a moment I will never forget when Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father at his parent's home in Los Angeles, California. The argument started after his parents squabbled over misplaced business documents, Gaye attempted to intervene and was killed by his father using a gun he had given him four months before. Marvin Sr. was sentenced to six years of probation after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Charges of first-degree murder were dropped after doctors discovered Marvin Sr. had a brain tumor.

Oh Susanna Hoffs how I was so in love with you, and on Ap…

Nothing that has gone before can compare with this!

House Of Wax
1953 | 1Hr 28 Min | PG | Horror | Warner Brothers

Director: André De Toth (as Andre de Toth)

Writers: Crane Wilbur (screenplay), Charles Belden (story)

Stars: Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk
Professor Henry Jarrod is a true artist whose wax sculptures are lifelike. He specializes in historical tableau's such a Marie Antoinette or Joan of Arc. His business partner, Matthew Burke, needs some of his investment returned to him and pushes Jarrod to have more lurid exposes like a chamber of horrors. When Jarrod refuses, Burke set the place alight destroying all of his beautiful work in the hope of claiming the insurance. Jarrod is believed to have died in the fire but he unexpectedly reappears some 18 months later when he opens a new exhibit. This time, his displays focus on the macabre but he has yet to reproduce his most cherished work, Marie Antoinette. When he meets his new assistant's beautiful friend, Sue Allen, he knows he's found the perfect model -…