It's the Story of Buddy The Elf!

Son of a nutcracker I missed Creepmas! And sad to say I'm ok with it as we just finished up a musical called Elf! and it was a huge success. Here are a few photos I can share with you.

My jolly little elf.

My wife and I did tech so the view from backstage can get a little creepy.

Getting ready for the big scene change we literally had 17 seconds to tear down Macy's and put out the apartment. So many close calls so so many! 

Everybody is on stage in front of the curtain signing so I stopped my child for a selfie. 

Getting Santa's sleigh ready for take-off.

Over on my tube page, you will find Buddy reading to the kids. Leave it to mine who are big fans of the library and Buddy to get in line for a photo. 

Here is a small look from Backstage you can really see Ella but sadly when Lainey was on the stage I was moving something in the back. 

Santa was a hit as well. Elf will go on to be the second highest-grossing musical at the collage topping well over the 30,000 maks. The closing day brought in 422 people! it was a blast running around backstage but I also stinks not seeing your kids on stage together. Thankfully a video as surfaced so we at least get to see that much.

Now on to Nunsense and Wizzard of Oz Ella sure knows how to keep busy! 

Ok I have more to post soon I hope including the backstage footage!


  1. Looks like a fun, festive way to celebrate the season!

  2. Looks like fun but also -- so much work! Enjoy yourself!

  3. Wow - a theater Dad. Looks like you did a super job.


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