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Freddie Freeloaders Christmas Dinner
1981 | TV-G | 1Hr  | Holiday | HBO

Director: John Trent

Writer: Red Skelton (story)

Red Skelton
Vincent Price
Imogene Coca

Freddie the Freeloader sets out to have Christmas dinner in a very expensive New York restaurant with his good friend, the Professor. Along the way, he stops in a hospital to entertain some children at Christmas.

A touching, music-filled holiday tale featuring Vincent Price and Imogene Coca with plenty of laughs for the whole family. While inspiring many of today's comedians this rubber-faced clown is best known for his long-running TV show Red Skelton. Red's show filled living rooms with laughter with such characters as Freddy the Freeloader, Junior the Mean Widdle Kid, San Fernando Red, and Clem Kadiddlehopper. Red reprises his role as Freddy for the newly started Home Box Office channel Christmas of  '81.

The look and feel really draws you into the story, the gorgeous backdrop of the small town to the snobby town folk you are quickly invited into Freddie's world. With a cute storyline, the holiday cheer flows freely. Unfortinly for me it starts to draw long towards the end.

As Freddies song goes There is nothing worse than loneliness at Christmastime, When old friends forget where you are, While your memory still lingers, You can count upon your fingers, Those that know the meaning of the Star. This is just one of the many heartfelt moments.

Oddly enough Vincent Price's charter was well odd. In fact, once he was brought into the story that's when the story started to fizzle out for me. In fact, once they made it to dinner it kind of lost its heart. Not completely but just enough to drag this one down. I love watching the old Christmas Specials from Red Skelton's Tv Show and I'm glad this came up on YouTube to check out. I truly believe this deserves to be cleaned up and released on Blu-Ray. If you are looking for something a little funny and pre Hallmark Channel love fest check out Freddie The Freeloader's Christmas Dinner by clicking here. 

3 Ninja Santa's out of 5


  1. Watched this way back when on HBO as a kid. Loved it, was very heartwarming. Watched again last Christmas on YouTube, and still liked the heart put into it. Sweet. Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh yes, we all watched the Red Skelton show on TV when I was a kid. He was the King of Comedy then.


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