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April 10th release date for MPI's collectible 131-DVD set!

Dark Shadows - New 'Open' 3D Package Art for 'The Complete Original Series' Shows Barnabas Asleep

Last week we showed off front cover art for MPI Home Video's upcoming 131-DVD release of Dark Shadows - The Complete Original Series, which is scheduled for April 10th. At the time we just had a "flat" 2D look at the front of this item. Now the studio has provided a 3D look at the collectible packaging, "opened" to reveal Barnabas (Jonathan Frid) laying in his coffin. The image of the show's star vampire is apparently made up of the spines of the various DVD cases, stacked inside the outer coffin-shaped packaging. Very neat! Stay tuned for more updates about this highly anticipated title.

Taken from:

We reported this past Friday that MPI Home Video is preparing anApril 10thDVD release ofDark Shadows - The Complete Original Series. This is a $599.98 SRP collection with all 1225 episodes of the legendary …

She Dropped a Bombshell!!

Charles Band dropped a bomb on his fans today releasing photos of the new evil puppet Bombshell. The new puppet is part of Puppet Master X: Axis Rising.

Celebrating the latest evil puppet is offering all 9 Puppet master films for only $45.00!!

Bombshell does not look to bad. But my only question would be why does she look like a man?? Only time will tell.

Svengoolie Saturday 1/21/2012

The House Of Frankenstein

After escaping from an asylum the mad Dr. Niemann and his hunch back assistant revive Count Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein monster in order to extract revenge upon their many enemies.

Tonight @ 8 on ME-TV

The Phantom of the Opera (1943) Pit violinist Claudin hopelessly loves rising operatic soprano Christine Dubois (as do baritone Anatole and police inspector Raoul) and secretly aids her career. But Claudin loses both his touch and his job, murders a rascally music publisher in a fit of madness, and has his face etched with acid. Soon, mysterious crimes plague the Paris Opera House, blamed on a legendary "phantom" whom none can find in the mazes and catacombs. But both of Christine's lovers have plans to ferret him out.
Today @ 11 on WCIU

Theater of Blood (1973) Edward Lionheart (Vincent Price) stars as an actor overlooked for a critics' acting award, despite producing a season of Shakespeare plays. After confronting the Critics' …

Hammer in the Blu...Ray

Hot off the heels of Universal's announcement of Frankenstein and Dracula getting the restored Blu-Ray treatment Hammer Horror quickly announced it will be collaborating with a few studio's. Anolis Entertainment and Pinewood (Germany) to name a few will be collaborating to bring 30 movies in the Hammer Horror collection to Blu-Ray

Hammer is in talks with US distributors Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox and Paramount.

Dracula Prince of Darkness is slated to be the first film to get restored. With the UK getting it in March and a US date following

In addition to this title, Hammer also expects to roll out a few more titles before year's end, including The Reptile, Plague of the Zombies, The Devil Rides Out, Rasputin the Mad Monk and The Mummy's Shroud. Other titles slated to arrive at a later date include the following:

The Curse of Frankenstein
The Mummy
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
Frankenstein Created Woman
The Vengeance of SheThis restoration will also …

This week on Svengoolie 1/14/12

Phantom of the Opera! (1943) on MeTv tonight at 9c
Pit violinist Claudin hopelessly loves rising operatic soprano Christine Dubois (as do baritone Anatole and police inspector Raoul) and secretly aids her career. But Claudin loses both his touch and his job, murders a rascally music publisher in a fit of madness, and has his face etched with acid. Soon, mysterious crimes plague the Paris Opera House, blamed on a legendary "phantom" whom none can find in the mazes and catacombs. But both of Christine's lovers have plans to ferret him out.
Starring Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster, and Claude Rain.

The Deadly Mantis (1957) will are today at 11am central time on WCIU

The calving of an Arctic iceberg releases a giant praying mantis, trapped in suspended animation since prehistoric times. It first attacks military outposts to eat their occupants, then makes its way to the warmer latitudes of Washington and New York. A paleontologist works together with military units to try to kill…

What you should be doing tonight!!

Fourth Castle Micromedia’s The Monster Channel, the only 24/7 interactive channel for horror fans, will launch Lunchmeat VHS Rewind Theater, spotlighting 1980s shot-on-video VHS horror, Friday night, January 13, 2012, at 12:00 midnight EST.

Hosted by Josh Schafer, the editor-in-chief of Lunchmeat Magazine, the fanzine for VHS aficionados, the series will feature selections from Camp Motion Pictures: Video Violence (1987), Video Violence 2 (1987), Cannibal Campout (1988), Woodchipper Massacre (1988), Splatter Farm (1987), Beauty Queen Butcher (1990) and Ghoul School (1990).

Links to purchase or download these and other Camp Motion Pictures titles will run concurrently during the screenings. Viewers can interact with hundreds of fellow fans in the embedded chatroom during the film, a feature unique to The Monster Channel.

I love the Monster Channel really worth checking out. When I'm logged in my screen name is Cursed. I remember the classic Woodchipper Massacre and Ghoul School. Ag…

My Favorite Jason Movies

Happy Friday the 13th everybody. Just wanted to share the trailers to two of my favorite Friday the 13th Movies.

Friday the 13th Part 10: Jason X

 Freddy Vs Jason

The First Jason goes Metal !?!

Here is one of the days us Gore Hounds get all giddy! There is nothing better then getting together with a group and talk about our favorite slasher! So to celebrate I bring gifts to the party. A few years ago I meet Ari Lehman (aka the first Jason) at flashback weekend. He was really pushing his CD for his metal band. Well metal not to sure about that. After spending the $10.00 I sure wish I could have received a full refund!!! This is the worst piece of garbage ever!! SO today I will inflect this pain on you. If you do like it head over to his web site for more downloads. If you live in St. Louis you can catch him live tonight at:

700 N. 2nd Street
St. Louis

Friday the 13th, on The Landing

(featuring Ari Lehman, the first Jason Voorhees in the original Friday the 13th movie)

100 Th Anniversary Classic Monsters Collection

Classic Monsters Spotlight Collection (Dracula / Frankenstein / The Bride of Frankenstein / Creature from the Black Lagoon) Product DetailsActors: Boris Karloff, Ernest Thesiger Format: Box set, Black & White, DVD, NTSC Language: English Subtitles: English, French Number of discs: 4 Rated: NR (Not Rated)Studio: Universal Home Video DVD Release Date: March 6, 2012

This is great and all but why not Blu-Ray? And I get it Bride is a favorite among many of the golden age but wouldn't "The Wolfman" been a better fit?? Any If you do not already own these gem's here is your chance.


Master of Horror Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist, Texas Chain Saw Massacre)  is finally giving us a look at his next film "Djinn". The film is set in 2015   America. We follow Khaled and Salama that discover their apartment was built on the site of the deserted fishing village witch is the home to malevolent beings. 

This officall trailer does not really sell me on the movie.  And if it comes out later this month dont you think they should be pushing it more? Just wondering. So enjoy "Djinn"

Happy 100th.

Charles Addams, who drew more than 1,300 cartoons during his lifetime, was born in New Jersey on Jan. 7, 1912. Today we celebrate his 100th birthday.

NECA Deadite Ash coming Soon!!

NECA toys has released a First look at Deadite Ash in packaging, hitting stores later in February. Evil Dead 2 - 25th Anniversary. This looks fantastic. NECA's detail is fantastic. They have also posted pictures for there new Value Line. The first picture to surface is Boomer from Left 4 Dead.

"This bile-exploding Zombie is not just disgusting , or one of the nastiest figures we ever made  but (its) FULLY ARTICULATED!" NECA's website

More Left 4 Dead Zombies Are Coming Out Too
On a recent interview, a really nice shot of the NECA Left 4 Dead “Smoker Zombie” – (Work-In-Progress) leaked. Here it is:

Westclox up date 1/4/2012

Last night around 8:45 the phone started tweeting once again about Westclox. After most firefighters left the area more aide was called into the fire. The hot spots once again rekindled. Police once again blocked off traffic to allow Spring Valley to get in with a snorkel truck. While other area firefighters used an aerial truck and attacking the middle building on foot.

Small town efforts from Ladd and Standard were called in around 10:45 to bring the pumper trucks. I have 2 cousins from the small town of the Standard fire department. So my thoughts and prayers have been going out them.

Later in the night, LaSalle, Oglesby, and Utica were called in. Firefighters were on the scene until 4am.

When I brought the girls to school today we drove through a patch of thick smoke. I can't imagine living close the fire that could still be burning through the weekend.

This is bad news for the business that is losing work this week and would like to get back in. Most of the small shops are l…

Give Away over at....

AEIOU....and sometimes why.

From the site
Monsterwax Spookshow Cards & Giveaway

I don't remember how I first heard about the Spook Show poster trading cards fromMonsterwax but I do remember ordering them as soon as I found out about them.

Spook Shows are something that have fascinated me for many years. The closest I got was a showing of Monsters Crash the Pajama Party where they had "monsters" come out of the screen, run around the theater and grab a girl out of the audience and run off with her. They also handed out Faint Checks and had a lovely girl dressed as a nurse (a classy 50s style nurse, not a Halloween slutty nurse) "just in case."
Read more and enter at the site and good luck!!
Again go to  AIEOU...and sometimes why

Zombie Massacre!

The king of video game movie adaptations Uwe Boll is at it again. This time he has teamed up with Luca Boni and Marco Ristoni who are set to direct Zombie Massacre. Boll will sit back in the production chair. "I am the guy who finances the whole movie. I am the cash flow." said Boll.

 Based on the semi-obscure 1998 first-person shooter for the Amiga computer Zombie Massacre "[the heroes] have to put the bomb in the middle of the city to wipe out the zombies. That is the goal. There are no airplanes anymore, so they have to drive there, and of course, zombies are attacking you on the way in, and on the way out. This is what happens in the video game. It is a very simple Escape From New York-type story. Normally, these kinds of stories for genre movies work well. So I am very excited about it. I think it will be a great movie to watch if you are a zombie fan. It will, of course, be a very hard R-rating." stated Boll. "They have a lot of known horror actors alre…

My New Year Resolution

OK so here we go its 2012 and the world is going to end again so I must change some of my ways right? If you don't think resolution's work then your wrong its up to you to make them work. So here is what I'm going to make work this year.

Ella's A1C score. We need to be under 8 so that's my big focus this year to help her get better with that. I will also start to teach her about crab counting and what she needs to do when she goes over. Ella is really smart for a 7 year old so its time to challenge her to talk some control over her diabetes.

Eat right. A few years ago I gave up fast food for lent and it stuck. So now to cut my soda intake down to one a day and I will be Happy.

The leads into lose some weight. I did so well a year ago losing 25 pounds. Then changing positions at work killed some of that. Now its go time to fix it! So my goal to lose 15 pounds by December should be easy.

Read More. This was one of my resolution's last year to read one book a mont…

Westclox Fire of 2011/2012

So on New Years Eve around 11:55 we heard and explosion and giggled stating that it was too early for fireworks. After 12:30 it was time to go to bed. That's when we heard all the sirens blaring. Now normally  on new years eve, you think it's a bad accident. But the sirens kept going. So we turned on the scanner to hear that the Westclox building was burning. Now this is a huge I mean huge building over 2 blocks wide and 4 blocks long. The building was built in the 1890's. There is a lot of history in the building for these 2 small towns. Firefighters from over 20 towns came in to fight this fire. They have still called in many tanker trucks from everywhere. So to many this is like losing a loved one. Westclox brought a lot of jobs to this town. And when it closed in 1980 brought on a depression. The town really started to dry up. The young moved on the older stayed and the businessmen that built their lives here struggled. I know for my father and grandfather had the contr…

You Better not cry or read for that matter.

You Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas by Augusten Burroughs
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The first few chapters had me laughing out loud. Then in is young adult life it started to drag. Then Bam! it went deep and lost its christmas charm. I was not ready for that. If I would have read this in November or January it might have been better.

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