NECA Deadite Ash coming Soon!!

NECA toys has released a First look at Deadite Ash in packaging, hitting stores later in February. Evil Dead 2 - 25th Anniversary. This looks fantastic. NECA's detail is fantastic.
They have also posted pictures for there new Value Line. The first picture to surface is Boomer from Left 4 Dead.

"This bile-exploding Zombie is not just disgusting , or one of the nastiest figures we ever made  but (its) FULLY ARTICULATED!" NECA's website

More Left 4 Dead Zombies Are Coming Out Too

On a recent interview, a really nice shot of the NECA Left 4 Dead “Smoker Zombie” – (Work-In-Progress) leaked. Here it is:


  1. I just noticed your 2012 Reading Challenge on the side thingy (bar I guess!) and go to the "Good Reads" site all the time, so I am checking this out being an avid reader myself.

    Love me some Ash!!!


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