My New Year Resolution

OK so here we go its 2012 and the world is going to end again so I must change some of my ways right? If you don't think resolution's work then your wrong its up to you to make them work. So here is what I'm going to make work this year.

Ella's A1C score. We need to be under 8 so that's my big focus this year to help her get better with that. I will also start to teach her about crab counting and what she needs to do when she goes over. Ella is really smart for a 7 year old so its time to challenge her to talk some control over her diabetes.

Eat right. A few years ago I gave up fast food for lent and it stuck. So now to cut my soda intake down to one a day and I will be Happy.

The leads into lose some weight. I did so well a year ago losing 25 pounds. Then changing positions at work killed some of that. Now its go time to fix it! So my goal to lose 15 pounds by December should be easy.

Read More. This was one of my resolution's last year to read one book a month and I came so close! I went 10 for 12.  So this year I added one to my challenge. My teacher always told me its not how fast you read it that you read.

Focus. On life On family On work. To remember to breath and love what is around me.

Spelling and Grammar. When I started to blog it was to relax and find me time. I know I need to work on these two things for a better blog.

Church. I tried this 2 years ago and it work. So need to jump back on that wagon and make it work again. I did not stop going to the challenge is to go more like every Sunday that every other.

OK so good luck to everybody starting a new year.




  1. Great resolutions, and I completely agree, whether they work or not is completely up to us! I particularly like your "Focus" resolution. I think many of us are guilty of getting caught up in being busy, and we forget to stop and appreciate our lives.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Good luck on your resolutions! I agree with Emma - sometimes we just need to slow down. 2011 went by too fast for me :)

  3. My kids are growing up fast I just don't want to miss anything! And this last year I feel like I missed a few things in life. I would like for that not to happen this year.:) Thanks for the kind words.


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