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April's A to Z Challenge Theme reveal!

So here it comes the big reveal Theme for next months A to Z challenge. I know I signed up last year and with he passing of my mother blogging was not the top of my priorities. But I'm back this year and it's going to be great. I'm going to dig into my past and post about the Hero's and Villians that shaped my young life. From Saturday Moring Cartoons to Comic Books, and Movies you find out just how much of a geek I really am. So strap it down your in for a fun little ride!
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The Two Mightiest Monsters Of All Time!

King Kong Vs Godzilla
1962 | Color | 74 Min. | 2.35.1 | UR | Horror | 4 Track Stero | RKO

Director:  Ishirô Honda

Writers:  Shin'ichi Sekizawa Bruce Howard (American version)

Stars:  Tadao Takashima Kenji Sahara Yû Fujiki
Mr. Tako, the chairman of a pharmaceutical company, learns of Roma tomato-sized berries that grow on Farou Island, are a miracle cure, and that the natives worship a god called Kingkong who has allegedly grown to giant size from eating the berries. What better way to promote the product, Tako figures, than to bring the creature back to Japan? So he leads an expedition with Sakurai and Future to get the berries and the monster. Meanwhile, some American pilots discover the chunk of the glacier Godzilla was sealed in back in 1955. Sakurai's sister's boyfriend Kazuo is busy trying to sell an invisible but super-strong wire, which, of course, no one wants until Kong escapes...
Looking forward to watching this one. One of my first experiences with Svengoolie was G…

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