Zombie Steve’s 52 Movie Challange

As most of you know Steve loved watching movies. It was one of the ways we kept in touch all year talking about what was coming out, what did you see, and so on. After Steve lost his battle with Muscular Dystrophy on Christmas Eve 2021, I have really pushed myself to watch movies in his honor. Always looking for challenges to keep me motivated, while looking for things we would have enjoyed together I decided to come up with my own challenge to honor Steve. While keeping it simple by outlining the topics he would have loved.

The rules are simple: try and watch a movie that coincides with that week's theme. Feel free to be loose with the rules. If you miss a week that's ok nobody will be upset if you make it up the following week. The idea is simple: try something new, and think outside the box. That's what Steve and I did for each other.

Use #ZombieSteve52 when reviewing and don't forget to check out what everyone else is watching.

1 Sci-Fi Movie
2 Watch A Golden Globe Nominated Feature (Any Year)
3 Watch A Movie from the Year you were born.
4 Winter Weather Themed.
5 Comedy
6 Movie About Music (Rockstars, Musicals, Documentaries)
7 A Football Themed Movie
8 Rom Com (no Steve nor I would like this, but you tell me what we should watch.)
9 A Baseball Themed Movie
10 Documentary
11 A Movie Directed by a Woman
12 Watch any Oscar Nominated Movie (any year)
13 Watch an Independent Movie (not all movies need a big budget)
14 Watch a Movie Based in Florida (or Illinois if you're having trouble)
15 Teen Comedy
16 Crack Open A Sealed movie in your Physical Collection (if you do not have any than watch a movie you have always wanted to see)
17 Wizards, Dragons, or Elves (Think D&D)
18 Star Wars (DUH May the 4th be with you)
19 Disney Classic
20 Action Themed Movie
21 Comic Book Themed Movie
22 A Movie off of Steves Watched List on Letterboxd
23 A Summer Blockbuster Any Year
24 Animation
25 A Bruce Campbell Movie (One of Steve's Favorites)
26 Independence Day Movies
27 Mel Brooks Movie (Princess Bride was Steves all-time favorite)
28 Camp Themed Comedy
29 A DC Superhero
30 Camp Slasher
31 Bugs (Yep a movie about bugs! Its still camp month you know.)
32 Sword and Sorcery
33 A Movie from 1970
34 Lord of the Rings (Any from the series or anything related)
35 Sports Themed Movie
36 Gangster/Mob Movie
37 Action/Adventure Movie
37 A Video Game Based Movie
39 Kung Fu Theme
40 Watch a Movie from 1981 (Bonus if you watch it on October 6th)
41 ‘80s Horror
42 Zombie Movie
43 Black and White Horror
44 Halloween Themed
45 War Movie
46 Space Themed
47 Any Holiday Special
48 Holiday Horror
49 A Movie About Family
50 Christmas Movie
51 Released in 2023
52 Marvel Movie (Happy Birthday Stan Lee)

My List mda4life


  1. So sorry to hear about Steve. I know you guys were close. But I am relieved you survived the pandemic. I will attempt to watch something with Steve in mind.

  2. Turns out I have watch Banshees of Inerish, Glass Onion and Everything, Everywhere all at once so I am good on the Golden Globes.

    1. I added the Banshees to my list after watching the globes looks pretty good. Also looking into the RRR just not up for Netflix at this time.