Prince Of Peoria A Christmas Moose Miracle

Prince Of Peoria A Christmas Moose Miracle
2018 | 25 Min | G | Family | Netflix

Devin Bunje
Nick Stanton
 Gavin Lewis
Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
Theodore Barnes

Teddy gets snowed in at a bowling alley, which may cause him to miss the Festival of Lights for the very first time. Fear not, though, because Emil "insists the Christmas moose will save the day.

Oh, Netflix next time you want to make a TV show about Peoria Illinois do some scouting will you? We just do not have mountains in this wonderful flat state. I know the Griswald'ss made the same mistake picking up a Christmas tree but come on now. Now don't get me wrong they get a lot right in fact the Festival of Lights Parade is one of the biggest of its kind in Illinois and we all take the trek to go see it but it's also in East Peoria. And to make my ears cringe more they drop a street name in the mix and again it is on the other side of town!! Ugh. Ok, I will stop knit picking A Christmas Moose Miracle is actually pretty good. 

For a Christmas special this one was done very well and can be watched on its own. We have watched a few episodes and its a neat show heck not to many shows take place just south of where I live so why not? You get a really cute story that is modeled after those Disney show formula that ends with an overload of sweetness. You can even grab your teens for this one I promise this one will have you believing in the Christmas Moose. 

3 Ninja Santa's out of 5