My top 10 non-horror

So earlier today I posted my best of 2018 horror but it seems like I watched an open pallet of movies this year. And Documentary's seem to have lead the charge along with those Superheroes! No keep in mind I'm always behind in my movies (Dang kids and job) so things like Solo and Aquaman will hopefully make next years list. Ok, so let's get started.

Number 10

Number 9

Number 8

Number 7

Number 6

Number 5

Number 4

Number 3

Number 2

Number 1

I still recommend this movie to everybody!

So if you combined my list's it would look like this 

5) Basketcase
4) Theater of Blood
3) Mudbound
2) To Hell ANd Back
1) Florida Project

and as time goes by Pooka just might have to pass up Basketcase. In the end, I'm just glad to have met my goal of 52 movies. Maybe for 2019, I will shot for 100 we will see.


  1. Great list! Happy 2019 to you, here's to great movies ahead!

  2. Of these movies that I saw, my fave was "Infinity War" although "Thor: Ragnarok" was pretty good too. We went to a movie last night that we enjoyed -- "Welcome to Marwen."

    1. Oh man that one looks so good too! Happy New Year Debra


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