2018 Xbox Year In Review

Man, I would have thought I played way more video games than 112 hours worth!? And it cracks me up that Stardew Valley was still my most played game last year I racked up over a hundred hours on that one alone. I guess in 2019 I better up my game playing.

And for RBI Baseball coming in second is so odd to me I really hated that game at first. Being a White Sox fan your team already stinks so it was super frustrating to play. I have since picked it up again to play a bit and the glitches seem to be fixed so you just might see this on next years list.  I do need to jump back into Graveyard Keeper that is a fun game.

So what kept you busy in 2018 and what do you plan on playing in 2019? 


  1. I'm not used to my hours being logged, because I am stuck in the past with the NES, SNES, N64, and GameCube. I never owned an X-Box console. I did get a Switch though, which I believe does track your hours. I played some Stardew Valley last year, but haven't touched it this year. I will be playing A LOT of Animal Crossing when it hits the Switch in 2019.

    1. wait a new animal crossing is coming out?? Man if my game cube logged hours played for that game it would be insane amount. I think thats why I liked Stardew the same grind it out adventure that you could always pick it up after a few months.


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