Space nightmares!

20 Million Miles To Earth
1957 | PG | 1 Hr. 22 Min. | Sci-Fi | Columbia Pictures

Director: Nathan Juran

Writer: Robert Creighton Williams

William Hopper
Joan Taylor
Thomas Browne Henry

The first spaceship to visit Venus crash lands in the sea, freeing a small native Venusian creature called the Ymir. Eventually growing to enormous size, it threatens the city of Rome.

The first day of Creepmas Sventa Clause gave to me this little Herry Harryhausen gem for the whole family to enjoy.  Watch '20 Million Miles to Earth' at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, December 1, on MeTV.

Make sure to check out the Creepers celebrating the 13 Days of Creepmas!


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