Dark Creepmas Music

Thanks to Creepmas we can all take a break from the holly jolly department store Christmas songs for a moment. For this weeks Music Monday I would like to sure some downright dark Christmas tunes.

I know Nat King Cole's version is the popular one but I really like the deep darkness of Alex Harvey's version.

Let all the Mortal Flesh Keep Silence is just a creepy tile for a Christian song.

Remember when we all feared the Nuclear War? We sure have our fair share of Christmas tunes about it but have you heard Heather Noel's version?

If this does not tear you up and remind you that not everybody enjoys Christmas or war nothing will. Ok next Monday for Creepmas it will be more on the silly dark side of Christmas.


  1. Did you watch Jingle Bells Rock! on Hulu too? If not, you should watch it. In any case, great songs! I am always looking for a good Creepmas song. I recently discovered a great Krampus carol by the Carol Bells band. I can't stop listening to it, it's so good!

    1. Hmm going to dig around for that song. And Yeah Jingle Bells Rock was a huge inspiration for this post. 😁


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