It's a Blues Creepmas

Ok like I said last week will try to keep it less dark this week but still, the Blues and Jazz Christmas music plays very nicely for Creepmas.

I know not creepy but I love the sound.

Ok, the man who gave us School Of Rock is singing this sad diddy with Miles Davis. The homemade video I found on YouTube is creepy as where the song is not, in fact, its pretty fun for a depression era song.

Hey, we need one drinking song, right?

And if you're not drinking for Creepmas and its legal in your state then lite up and mellow out to Free Design's Christmas song.

I just love this song so let's end this week on a fun not with Back Door Santa.


  1. Replies
    1. I just bought a Ring Doorbell with a camera no Back Door Santa coming around here!

  2. Not gonna lie, Back Door Santa is my new favorite Christmas song.

    1. But I can not help from singing Run-DMC when it comes on.


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