The Whole World Trembles Before the New Frankenstein!

The Revenge of Frankenstein
1958 | PG | 1 Hr. 30 Min. | Sci-Fi Horror | Columbia Pictures

Director: Terence Fisher

Writers: Jimmy Sangster

Peter Cushing
Francis Matthews

Baron Victor Frankenstein is sentenced to the guillotine but he succeeds to escape facilitated by the hunchback Karl Immelmann to Carlsbruck in Germany adopting the alias Doctor Victor Stein. Three years later, he is a successful physician in a poor hospital. Doctor Hans Kleve recognizes Frankenstein and blackmails him to be his assistant. Dr. Stein shows a perfect body and tells to Dr. Kleve that Karl will donate his brain to a healthy body. They successfully transplant Karl's brain to the new body and Dr. Stein hides Karl in the attic. However, a snoopy janitor witnesses the transportation to the room and tells to the nurse Margaret Conrad that the doctors have hidden a patient in the attic. Meanwhile, Dr. Kleve comments with Karl that he will become a medical sensation and Karl is afraid of the situation. When Margaret finds Karl in the attic, he convinces her to release the straps that hold him to the bed. Karl runs to Dr. Stein's laboratory but he is attacked by a man that believes that he is a burglar. When Dr. Stein and Dr. Kleve arrive in the laboratory, Karl has already gone leaving two deaths on his path. What will happen to Karl and to Dr. Frankenstein?

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