The Best of 2018

Ok so here you go the top horror movies I watched in 2018. Please note these are not just new tiles just the ones I watched and felt where the best of the best.

Number 10 

(Review here)
Eebee is back in the Seventh in the franchise and they seem to get better as they go!

But I had to call it a tie with this one...

(Review here) 
Was kind of hard not to include MicroWave massacre as it was also the highest viewed post of the year as well. 

Number 9

(Review here)

So crazy! This one stuck with me for a few weeks after!

Number 8

I'm so glad I spent most of my year watching what people call classics!

Number 7

Judge me all you want I really liked this movie. Anytime a horror flick can make you laugh and forget about the crap reality around you its a good flick in my book. Plus Thomas C Howell is pretty hot in this one.

Number 6

I love Witches they are my favorite part of Halloween and when your favorite podcast Shock Waves talked about it I shot to the top of my list for the brisk fall season. 

Number 5

Just like Killer Donuts Plan 9 was a loose adaptation of the original was just plain and simple fun!

Number 4

If you have not seen Ghostwatch you are missing out! And it takes place on Halloween so yeah watch it!

Number 3

I know that I have not had a chance to watch most of the 2018 hits yet like Halloween or Hereditary but out of the new movies from this year Pooka really moved me. If you have Hulu do not let the Christmas theme stop you check it out today.  

Number 2

As most of you know Joe Bob Brigg's hosting again on Shudder was one of the biggest news stories of the year for Horror Fans. And with Basketcase being on my bucket list for far too long this was a win-win for me! And a slap to the head wondering why I waited so dang long to watch this one. 

Number 1

Wow, this one moved me and has resonated in my mind for months. I love Price and was given this VHS as a gift and it sure was! The colors, story, acting it was all amazing. So as you can see older movies are still better than today's flare.  And trust me I know this list is without A Quiet Place, Halloween, and The Shape of Water all tiles I really wanted to watch. And those are on the top of my list for 2019!!


  1. Mandy was just released in Japan in a tiny hidden-away cinema. I'll go see it tomorrow or Friday.

    1. I will definitely watch your blog to see if review it.


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